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SEC has chosen suspicious actions

And has coded them

On Tuesday on the Internet there was a list of the companies, whose actions have been involved in speculative game during acts of terrorism in the USA. Leak the commission on securities and stock exchanges (SEC) has there and then found out the USA, and the list has disappeared. But chances to find communication of participants of transactions with terrorists from it have not grown.

the history with suspicious game at stock exchanges on the eve of acts of terrorism has received continuation. Right after explosions there was a version about their financial character: a pier, separate exchange players knew in advance about tragedy and have earned on a market collapse (wrote about it). Investigation was entrusted to the commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC). Later and regulating bodies of other countries have started check of this version.
yesterday there were first results of investigation, but unexpected for SEC in the image. As writes Wall Street Journal, the confidential list of the companies, transactions with which actions now are studied by the commission, has been published on Tuesday on a site of participants of the Canadian securities market. After a while in SEC have found out information leakage and have demanded to withdraw the list from a site, as it has been made.
from 38 companies mentioned in the list it is possible to allocate some categories. First of all it is the companies connected with aircraft (Boeing Co., AMR Corp., UAL Corp.), insurers (American International Group Inc., MetLife Inc.) Financial corporations (Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Co). All of them directly have suffered from acts of terrorism, and quotations of their papers have sharply fallen. However, such companies appear in the list, as General Motors Corp also., Lockheed Martin Corp., L - 3 Communications Holdings and Vornado Realty Trust, to a lesser degree mentioned by acts of terrorism. Simultaneously investigation SEC has extended and on the market of state bonds. In particular, attention of the authorities the transaction with five years` papers for the sum has involved $5 billion However, according to experts even if SEC it will be possible to allocate doubtful transactions, to prove their communication with act of terrorism or terrorists it will be extremely difficult.
in the meantime in the Western Europe and the USA in banks are already frozen hundred millions terrorist dollars. However, terrorists still should prove their accessory, otherwise it is necessary to apologise and compensate losses to clients. Independently here there is only Russia. Yesterday a press - the secretary of the Minister of Finance Gennady Yezhov has informed that the Ministry of Finance did not start yet studying of bank transactions which can be connected with the organisations responsible for acts of terrorism. However possibility of it is studied. Here only to earn on falling of the Russian stock market terrorists hardly could: it is too narrow for similar operations.