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Thieves have cut from buyers

business about a touch on Russian museum

Investigatory management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Severo Is finished - to the Western district has finished a legal investigation about theft from Russian museum of a picture of Vasily Perov the Guitarist - the solitary man and the sketch to to the Three . Of it accuse criminal group of seven persons, which within two years bombed jeweller and antique shops of Petersburg. With details - ANDREY - TSYGANOV.

the guitarist - the solitary man and the sketch to to the Three (insurance cost of both products of $1,2 million) have been stolen from a hall #23 located on the second floor of the basic exposition of Russian museum, early in the morning on April, 4th, 1999. Criminals have got into a museum from the Mihajlovsky garden - then here yet there was no protection. Having risen on a lattice separating a court yard of Russian museum from the next Museum of ethnography, one of criminals has broken a window and has got in 23 - j a hall. Its workmate with a TT pistol remained below. When the alarm system has worked, thieves were not frightened, correctly having calculated that will have time to take away pictures before occurrence of security guards. However plans of criminals were broken hardly by the security guard of an ethnographic museum Alexey Zadorozhnyj who heard a ring of the broken glass. He has called to thieves, but those have shot at its party from a pistol and through a hole in a lattice have got out on Garden street where they were waited by the car. Alexey Zadorozhnyj pursues criminals could not, as it was separated from them by a high lattice.
abduction of pictures has received a huge resonance - till now any large museum in Russia was not exposed to the armed touches. Not to mention that the stolen products are considered axiomatic and are known to everyone. It, probably, also became the reason of that a crime have rather quickly opened - thieves simply could not sell a picture in Russia, abroad. It is less than in half a year field investigators 12 - go, antiquarian criminal investigation department department (which all this time worked in the strengthened mode and have checked up about thousand operative signals) left on criminal group which was engaged in thefts and armed assaults on antique shops and it could be involved in abduction of pictures from Russian museum. During the investigation field investigators through intermediaries have actually compelled thieves to give pictures: thieves have left them in a left-luggage office of the Warsaw station. Vasily Perov`s both products in an integrity and safety (them have removed entirely together with stretchers) have been returned in a museum.
soon after that one of participants of grouping, the inhabitant of Gatchina area of Leningrad region have been detained. For the next three months field investigators managed to detain five more members of grouping two from which took direct part in a touch on Russian museum. Last member of grouping on a surname Asudulaev is declared in federal search. According to militiamen, he also took direct part in theft.
besides theft from Russian museum to participants of a gang incriminated 17 armed assaults on jeweller and the antique shops of Petersburg made in 1997 - 1998.
in May of this year the grouping investigation of the case has been finished, and to all its participants accusations on 209 - j (gangsterism), 164 - j (plunder of the subjects representing cultural or historical value), 162 - j (robbery) and 222 - j (weapon) are brought to articles UK. One of these days the accused have stopped to get acquainted with business materials, the Office of Public Prosecutor has confirmed the bill of particulars, and business has been directed to city court of Petersburg.
will inform on a sentence.