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In bed before the photographer

In the Moscow house of a photo the exhibition of Inge Vert (Inge Werth) " has opened; In bed . Within 20 years the artist from Frankfurt am Main rummaged the chamber on sleeping rooms, removed their inhabitants - men and women, young and not so, steams and one by one. The big gallery of the portraits which heroes are a little more interesting furniture of the bedrooms has turned out. But an exhibition not about it, and about the rights of the modern artist.

only at first sight will seem that the project of Inge Vert In bed investigates an intimacy theme. And for it it undertakes ingenuous enough: the photographer arises on a visit to the heroes and asks them to pose in a bedroom, especially without insisting on frankness of poses. The objective like also aims on lying in bed, but also steadfastly watches an interior. The same function is assigned to furniture of rooms in these portraits, as in classical art approximately: to open an image more full. Though, for example, about blond androgina from the invitation card and without an interior much is clear - at what here shatroobraznyj a ceiling and the modern art over a bed? Or about the Moslem in a scarf, modestly sat down in an armchair near to the tidied up bed.
the genre bared (bared) in bed has old picturesque tradition. However In bed Inge Vert - polemical to art of the past the project. The artist a variety of poses collapsed in beds interests not (though to anthropologists on what will look) and not at their expressiveness. The shooting which has been stretched for decades, investigates borders permitted - but not the modern art, and the mere mortal: how much he allows to come nearer to the photographer to the private life as which banal expression the bedroom acts. It has appeared that it is self-assured and at all does not feel taken by surprise (what the spectator would like it to see). It hazardously kisses, languidly drapes a blanket, costs at a bed in clothes, stirs by phone...
as a result this photographic series looks an illustration to the unwritten public contract on the rights of the artist, model and the spectator. And if the modern art long time was fed with that broke it, In bed artist Inge Vert takes away to itself atypically passive role. Its project - an original tribute of the political correctness which have started the feelers in the art environment. Perhaps, advantage of an exhibition also consists in that that it reminds of a problem of borders of the art and personal right. However the position of the artist who have conceded for the sake of abstract idea of political correctness to the models a little disappoints. The spectator who has got used to art shocking In bed Inge Vert can and start missing, if, of course, in time does not remember the crumpled bed-sheets and the linen scattered on a bedroom.