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The trainer has not given out the friend

Yesterday in Novosibirsk on process on the case of preparation of attempt at the Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev Vitaly Fatjanov, the former head coach of Russian national team on biathlon and the old friend of one of accused, the Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov have been interrogated.

as appears from business materials, Alexander Tikhonov told through Vitaly Fatjanova to the brother Victor Tikhonov the information that it is necessary to curtail preparation for Aman Tuleyev`s murder. The performance in Novosibirsk regional court the former head coach of Russia on biathlon, and nowadays the employee of one of the enterprises Gazprom has begun with the statement that during interrogation during preliminary investigation Natalia Semjakina put upon it pressure the inspector.
Madam Semjakina has accepted in manufacture has put about preparation of murder of Aman Tuleyev, still when was the inspector of the Kemerovo district Office of Public Prosecutor. Then her have invited in management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the Siberian federal district. According to witness Fatjanova, after interrogation Natalia Semjakina has accused him of theft of the certificate of the inspector and has ostensibly declared it the following: I pressed you four hours, and for it you have stolen my documents .
Vitaly Fatjanov has told that last year it was called really by Alexander Tikhonov whom he knows almost quarter of the century. The sportsman has asked to transfer to the brother Victor, that that anybody did not meet . About relations between Alexander Tikhonov and the prospective customer of murder of the governor mister Fatjanovu does not know.
Performance of the witness did not suit Michael Potapov presiding over process, and it has announced Vitaly Fatjanova`s indications, the data on preliminary investigation. From them participants of process have learnt slightly more details. As followed from the interrogation report, the Olympic champion asked Fatjanova, that Victor Tikhonov has called back to it to Moscow not from the home telephone number . There any big problems, - he spoke. - if will not phone, let there is nobody does not meet . Vitaly Fatjanova`s conversation with Victor Tikhonov has been written down by the Novosibirsk counterspies who were watching last. According to criminal case materials, thus Alexander Tikhonov has let know to the brother Victor that there was an information leakage about preparing attempt at governor Tuleyev, and asked to stop any contacts to the prospective executor.
when at participants of process questions to the witness have run low, mister Fatjanov has once again declared that inspector Semjakina humiliates people .