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New York has lost 9 % of offices

After act of terrorism on September, 11th office market of the USA it has appeared on the verge of a collapse. Besides the destroyed towers of the World shopping centre 16 more buildings have been seriously damaged. The general losses have exceeded 2,8 million in sq. m that makes about 9 % of all office squares of the city. Offices in VTTS have been rented on 97 %, in them 600 companies took place almost. Theoretically to find for these companies new premises it is possible: for September, 10th in New York was about 3,1 million in sq. m of vacant offices. But, in - the first, the majority of the vacant areas does not correspond to A.Vo`s class - the second, in a city actually does not remain the big office blocks (from 5000 sq.) in which large corporations could take place. Resettlement of the companies from New York can become an exit from a current situation. And which - who has already gone on such way: American Express, a staff - which apartment was in a building of the World financial centre also damaged as a result of act of terrorism, has had time to sign the contract on rent of office areas in Nju - Jersey. Smaller companies have similarly arrived some more.