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the Sverdlovsk regional Duma

the plenipotentiary of the president in Uralsk federal district Peter Latyshev can receive Yesterday the first presidential prevention has declared that if till October, 12th the Sverdlovsk regional thought will not bring the regional charter into accord with federal laws it will direct to Vladimir Putin representation about its dissolution. If the plenipotentiary constrains the promise, it will be the first case of initiation of procedure of dissolution of regional parliament according to the package of laws accepted in last year about state power reform.

conversations on thought dissolution have begun long before the statement of the plenipotentiary. Here half a year deputies cannot already begin normal work: discussions wait more than 50 laws, including for the amendment to the charter the areas bringing it into accord with the federal legislation. But work costs from - for political strike round speaker Evgenie Porunova.
Even in the spring deputies from fraction Unity of Ural Mountains Have expressed to the speaker mistrust, having accused him of an involvement. Mister Porunov never hid that represents interests of movement of the mayor of Ekaterinburg oppositional to governor Rossel of Arcady Chernetsky Our house - our city (ND - NG). Having learnt that Unity of Ural Mountains together with movement the Social help and support (SPiP) intend to express to the speaker mistrust and to bring up a question on its removal, ND - NG has formed the block with movement May . This incorporated group of deputies breaks sessions of a thought every time when the question on the chairman is brought up. Struggle forms get out the standard: absence on session and a walkout in protest from a boardroom before voting.
at last session on September, 25th deputies have decided to make a compromise and consider at first all working questions which have collected during inactivity of a thought, and only then - a question on the speaker. But also then session has broken. Unity of Ural Mountains has taken out on voting a question on transfer of the mandate of the deputy from SPiP Artema Satovsky, killed on July, 17th under mysterious circumstances, to the following on partspisku to Oleg Kyrchenovu. The parity of voices in a thought In this case would change: May and ND - NG would remain in minority, and at Unities of Ural Mountains and deputy groups adjoining it there would be a chance to remove the unloved speaker. However voting by mandate transfer has been broken by efforts of deputies from May .
after that plenipotentiary Latyshev has decided to interfere with the Duma crisis. The legal basis to start dissolution procedure (see the inquiry) already is: the Supreme court has demanded till October, 12th of this year to bring a number of positions of the charter of area into accord with the federal legislation. As mister Latyshev has informed, in the near future deputies there will be its first deputy Sergey Vahrukov. If this conversation does not make on deputies of due impression, the Sverdlovsk thought can become history as the first regional parliament dismissed for infringement of federal laws.