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The Ulyanovsk aircraft factory has lost investors

Yesterday representatives of holding New commonwealth have officially declared that stop the activity on the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory Aviastar - the joint venture . Thus, the largest aviabuilding enterprise of Russia has actually lost hopes of manufacture restoration.

new commonwealth owning blocking share holdings a Rostselmash factory of paint and varnish materials Empils the companies New mylovar and of some other enterprises of Russia, became the general investor Aviastar - the joint venture in April of this year. The holding intended to enclose in aircraft factory 2 mlrd rbl., for what 26 % " have been promised to it; Aviastar - the joint venture belonging Open Societies Aviastar . Besides, representatives New commonwealth Have received at the enterprise a number of key posts, including general and the chief executive, the head a press - services and etc. the Holding has started to put the promised means in manufacture of new passenger planes They be 204, but actions and has not received.
shareholders of aircraft factory, Open Society Aviastar and Open Society Tupolev two reasons of such demarche named. The first - managers New commonwealth have no sufficient experience with securities. The second - the holding has not shown a due step in work with airlines intending to buy the Ulyanovsk planes, and the factory actually remained without orders. That the investor has decided to rise the price for They Means be 204 to $25 million while before they cost about $18 million In the end of July New commonwealth which has already enclosed in Aviastar - the joint venture about 250 million rbl., the investment has suspended. The parties tried to find the compromise. The conciliatory commission into which representatives of administration of the Ulyanovsk region also have entered has been created.
however yesterday New commonwealth has declared that results of work of this commission it does not see and considers the further stay on aircraft factory senseless. All it has been stated in an official statement, extended a press - service Aviastar - the joint venture . In administration of the Ulyanovsk region while abstain from any comments. A source in Open Society Aviastar not authorised to give comments and consequently not named, has declared that the decision New commonwealth is the thought over course as on letters of resignation there are no dates and they can be torn any minute . Today the situation will be considered by board of directors Tupolev and after that it becomes clear, whether statements will be destroyed or on all of them - taki there will be a date. Representatives New commonwealth are going to spend in Ulyanovsk a press - conference on which will state the version of an event on aircraft factory.
will watch succession of events.