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Michael Kasyanov and Victor Gerashchenko here is inappropriate have not agreed

At yesterday`s session of the government Michael Kasyanov and Victor Gerashchenko should decide destiny of the State Banks. To foreign trade and investment bank a sentence have taken out. It was supposed that in a package with it the destiny of Vneshtorgbanka (VTB) will be solved also. But happens differently.

repeatedly wrote that the government attacks the Central Bank to select at it the State Banks. Actually the government already grasps control over the Savings Bank, without waiting, while the Central Bank leaves its capital. At least, Arcady Dvorkovich two days ago told about it the deputy minister of economic development and trade. Instead of the Central Bank of Russia promised to consider its interests at reforming of the second-large authorised capital stock of the Russian bank - VTB. It is known that in the Central Bank of Russia had no objection to sell 20 % of actions VTB to the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank). Subsequently speech can come and about a blocking package. However at the government on VTB other kinds - since January, 1st, 2003 to replace the Central Bank as the unique shareholder. But it was necessary to make a compromise. Victor Gerashchenko can not only break plans of the White house on a control establishment over the Savings Bank (while at it a controlling stock), but also to tighten section veba.
we Will remind that this state institution under the offer of its head Andrey Kostin supported by the Ministry of Finance, it is offered to divide into two State Banks - veb the USSR which will continue to serve the Soviet debts, anyway before the termination of process of re-structuring (then the specialised state agency will be engaged in it), and veb Russia, which White house intends to make the largest Russian bank completely belonging to the government. But that transformation process was not tightened for years, the board of directors of the Central Bank of Russia should copy as soon as possible the bank licence of Roseksimbanka absorbed by bank of Andrey Kostin, on veb Russia.
At yesterday`s session of the government points over i should be placed. However transaction veb in exchange for VTB has not taken place: Michael Kasyanov has deceived Victor Gerashchenko. The government has completely approved plans of section veba, but kindly on purchase of part VTB the European Reconstruction and Development Bank has not followed. To this question will return on November, 10th. Moreover, after yesterday`s session of the government Andrey Kostin has expressed in such spirit that is quite good vebu Russia at the same time to merge not only with small Roseksimbankom (see yesterday`s), but also with VTB. However, the prime minister yet did not lift a question on possible merge veb of Russia with VTB. By the way, according to banker Kostin, only such powerful alliance will sustain a competition to the western banks which after Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization will rush on the Russian market.
wedding veb of Russia with VTB sverhmasshtabna only to the Russian measures. As a result of this alliance their general authorised capital stock will reach only $4 billion Any Japanese bank respecting could not notice such transaction simply. But in obvious struggle of the government and the Central Bank of Russia for control over the Russian bank system merge of two largest State Banks under the aegis of the White house - event of extreme importance.
Andrey Kostin looked yesterday the winner. That you will not tell about Victor Gerashchenko whom it is live reminded the king Lyre after kingdom section its ungrateful daughters. However, banker Gerashchenko does not surrender at once. And till November, 10th he for certain will think up countergame, and section veba can be braked still.
however, yesterday the government the destiny not only the State Banks, but also state formation interested. More in detail Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov (p. 7 see) has told about an essence of educational reform to the correspondent.