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Dmitry Kozak is ready to concede to judges and deputies

But not in all and last time

Today the committee on the state building of the State Duma intends to discuss again amendments to the law About the status of judges . And yesterday on a press - conferences the assistant to the head of the Office of the President Dmitry Kozak has accused the lower chamber that deputies have given in to pressure of representatives the higher judicial administration and have developed back a number of the short stories offered by the president .

As already informed, members of the Duma committee on state building recommended to transfer to Monday for October, 31st consideration in the second reading of amendments to laws About the status of judges About judicial system and About the constitutional court (earlier it was planned that the changes offered by the head of the state, concerning judicial powers, will be considered on October, 24th). Then members of profile committee have gone on the open conflict to the Kremlin. Members of parliament have unexpectedly supported the offer of the Supreme court (VS) that concerning the judge the qualifying board of judges on representation of the public prosecutor (instead of three professional judges as the president offered has the right to give the consent to excitation of criminal case only). The positive response of committee-men was found also by the initiative of the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU): at the desire of its chairman and YOU deputies have agreed to increase a term of appointment of heads VS from six till eight years, and age limit of members of these courts - till 70 years.
the main ideologist of the judicial reform initiated by the Kremlin Dmitry Kozak dissatisfied with unexpected conciliation of deputies, has declared yesterday that is compelled to begin anew dialogue with fractions which representatives Have given in to lobbist pressure of the higher judicial administration which have been not interested in a number of conceptual positions of the new law on the status of judges . In its opinion, committee amendments can emasculate the maintenance of the amendments offered by Vladimir Putin.
mister Kozak on - former will insist that the question of attraction of judges to administrative and a criminal liability should dare by all means three Supreme judges, instead of set of representatives of judicial community from qualifying boards. Zamglavy administrations also has once again resulted opinion of experts of Ministry of Health and the European experience according to which the age limit of the judge cannot exceed 65 years.
however in something the Kremlin is ready to make concessions. So, the Presidential Administration suggests to allocate chairmen of the courts with an equal term of appointment - six years (in the first reading position that heads of courts are appointed depending on a rank to four or for six years was accepted) - and to allow to hold it the posts no more than two consecutive times (according to the presidential bill, heads of courts could hold the posts no more an once). But the head of working group on judicial reform has let know that these concessions, most likely, will be the last.
VLADIMIR - Nikolaev