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Turks were useful in Afghanistan

the West the president of Turkey Ahmet Nedzhdet Sezer has entrusted them a role of intermediaries

Yesterday has gone on a visit to Pakistan. Simultaneously the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey declared readiness to accept in the territory conference of antitalib opposition. Activization of efforts of a Turkish management in the decision of the Afghani problem underlines once again that value which the West gives Turkey - unique Muslim NATO member state.

what Turkey should become the key player in business of the Afghani settlement after falling of a mode of Talibs, was clear from the very beginning of the American operation, but with special distinctness was showed hardly more weeks ago. All has begun with visit of the head of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jack Straw (Jack Straw) to Ankara. Almost right after it the Turkish colleague of mister Stro Ismail Jam (Ismail Cem) has gone to tour on the Muslim states CIS - he has visited Azerbaijan, Turkmenia and Uzbekistan.
And here now the president of Turkey Ahmet Nedzhdet Sezer has gone to Pakistan (Ahmet Necdet Sezer). The purpose of its visit the same - to hammer together the international coalition consisting of the Islamic states which would take active part in the post-war device of Afghanistan, probably, within the limits of the peace-making mandate of the United Nations.
the route on which Turkish heads go round region is thus rather indicative. It proamerikanski the adjusted Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan also is underlined neutral Turkmenia which has given, however, the air space of the Air Forces of the USA. Neither the president of Turkey, nor the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not begin to visit such actively involved in the conflict round Afghanistan the country, as Iran, Tajikistan or Russia. And it with all distinctness shows, what sees the future device of Afghanistan the West.
it is obvious that the West already now thinks of how to support internal stability in Afghanistan after the termination of bombardments and special troops spot-checks. To enter armies of the USA, Great Britain or any other western powers would be samoubijstvenno. Hence, Turkey (the unique Muslim country in the NATO) becomes a natural conductor of interests of the West: the peacekeeping forces made of Moslems, should cause smaller tearing away in the people of Afghanistan.
but one Turkey not to consult. Besides in interests of the West to present business so as if Talibs are resisted at least by a part of the Muslim world. From here attempts to incline to participation in the future peacekeeping forces the Muslim countries of region. Thus to Iran and Tajikistan places were not in this patience for quite obvious reasons: these countries, as well as Russia, have unambiguously supported Northern alliance, not having special authority in the opinion of the West.
It is indicative that it is literally on the eve of visit of the Turkish president to Pakistan to Peshawar (capital of Pakistan Severo - the Western boundary province) congress of the Afghani leaders in which figures of emigration have taken part, the former field commanders - Mojaheds, leaders pushtunskih tribes and seminary students - ulemy has taken place. One question was actually discussed: about restoration eks - king Zahir - the shah (Zahir Shah) on a state post of the head (speech about monarchy restoration, truth, did not go so to the former king it was assigned a part the future president). Some representatives of Talibs have taken part In congress and Islamic party of Afghanistan Gulbeddina Hekmatiara (Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) even. However representatives of Northern alliance have refused participation, though the invitation has been sent them.
and on the eve of visit of the Turkish president to Pakistan the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey declared readiness to accept in the territory conference of an antitalib coalition. Participation in it of representatives of various antitalib forces is supposed very wide, but, most likely, again without Northern alliance.