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Raul Vallenberga again accuse of espionage

and study its sexual orientation

Yesterday in Moscow there has passed presentation of the book first in Russia about the Swedish diplomat Raul Vallenberge stirred up in the Soviet prison which have rescued from a Hitlerite genocide of thousand of Jews. In the research the Budapest Messiah (it is published by the Russian Jewish congress and publishing house the Collection Top secret ) The former scout the Lion Bezymensky has tried to prove that Raul Vallenberg was simultaneously the employee of four foreign special services, and its rehabilitation by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia was hasty and pursued the unseemly aims.

Raul Vallenberg as the Lion Bezymensky, " writes; was not without strangenesses. For example, very much liked to imitate animals. All surprised him holostjachestvo, after all it was the enviable groom . The author pays attention To not clear behaviour of young Vallenberga repeatedly: the story of one Swedish actress as which at one time considered close to Raul Has remained. She not without irony told, how he has invited her once to a supper in the barchelor apartment and has all night long spoken with it... About evil deeds of nazis in Germany . Certainly, Bezymensky such interest seems to the mister strange though he anywhere directly does not specify in Raul Vallenberga`s propensity to homosexuality and even informs that in Budapest known actress Katarina Korodi was a subject of its sympathy, among its familiar women there was a Budapest beauty baroness Fuks - Kemeni and the secretary of the diplomat countess Nako - too the known Budapest woman of fashion.
It is much more definitely left Bezymensky writes about Raul Valenberga`s business qualities: the Trade of the banker to Raul was not set... The architect from it it has not turned out... Employment by small business did not bring to it enough income. It is not has gone right to it and business from the republic of South Africa... a conclusion the historian does the unequivocal: To the beginning of war Raul Vallenberg was the developed loser .
But, according to the new book, he has achieved success in a field of the international espionage. The mister Bezymensky writes that Vallenberg co-operated with the American, Swedish, German and Soviet investigation. With American - because in saviours of Jews Raul Vallenberg, under the version of the mister Bezymensky, has got from giving of the American diplomat Olsena who was taking up the problems of refugees from the countries occupied by Hitlerites. Mister Olsen simultaneously was the spy, as gives the grounds to consider Vallenberga the American spy (of what him suspected and on Lubjanke). Its communication with German special services too is possible, as through the Jewish organisations and neutral diplomats management SS repeatedly entered contacts with English - the American allies. Well and that Vallenberg was the Swedish spy, even it is not necessary to prove - it was the Swede all - taki.
And the most interesting - the former Soviet scout Bezymensky puts forward a hypothesis about communications of Vallenberga with the Soviet investigation. Raul Vallenberg has come to an arrangement of the Soviet armies itself, anybody did not detain him also force there did not drag. Moreover, he has autocratically left the basic structure of embassy. An explanation such: the spy has received centre instructions - all Soviet illegal immigrants after war returned to Moscow. it was ordered to return to Leonid Trepperu, Shandoru Is glad, to Anatoly Gurevich... The largest scouts have been subjected offensive checks, accused of cooperation with nazis. As a result - prison terms . And the mister Bezymensky pays attention: In business of Vallenberga amazing similarity! at last, in Lubjansky prison the diplomat has ostensibly told to the cellmate, German soldier Hans Lojdu: I after all worked in Russian in Budapest .
On presentation the author has told what to rehabilitate Vallenberga was incorrect as he has not been condemned and even is arrested, but only is detained: This decision was accepted definitively to bury truth about Vallenberge . The lion Bezymensky has accused of concealment of the information on Vallenberge of special service not only Russia, but also the USA: And it is necessary to continue to dig . What exactly he still wants to dig out, the writer has not informed. Anyway, in the book there is almost nothing about what services to investigations were rendered by Raul Vallenberg. No less than about rescue of thousand Jews thanks to which as was considered till now, the name of Vallenberga in general became known to people.