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Whether there is a life in Israel

War has moved to houses and apartments

Yesterday in inhabited quarters of Jerusalem some mines which have been let out from party Bejt - Dzhaly and Bethlehem have blown up. That is war from streets of Israel has passed in houses and apartments. Where special correspondents ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV and LEONID - GANKIN have visited yesterday.

Last night three mines have fallen in the Jerusalem area Gilo to houses about which in any way you will not tell that they are on a front line. The inhabitants of these houses as a whole ready to any turn of events, actually, of course, also did not assume that in their court yard mines will be broken off: all - taki it, by the most strict estimations, deep enough back.
the inhabitant of one of these houses Oksana Basovich, the young, nice, freckled woman, has met us on a threshold of the apartment. Though from the moment of explosion has passed some hours, Oksana has been stunned and suppressed till now - she hardly could speak. In a drawing room played three children of three - five years, and six-month-old babe Mehal lay in an automobile seat on a floor. Oksana, as she said, hopes that, can, though the automobile seat if something happens will protect the girl.
the day before late at night, after eleven, the brother by the car has brought to Oksana a case which she has looked after for a long time also in the morning at last has bought. The brother together with the friend has unloaded a case, Oksana has risen to itself, has opened a door and has heard two deafening explosions.
- all so has shuddered! I have thought at once that with the brother and its car. But he has called in some seconds and has told that has had time to leave from a court yard.
at night they with the husband, of course, did not sleep. And in the morning neighbours have given it the children and have left for work, and the husband too, and it remained. To it it is terrible for children, it all time drives them on different rooms because is afraid that the mine can get that to one, in another.
that has occurred at night, she blames only herself. She says that at it very bad eye and that it is necessary to it to tell something or even to think, as it there and then and occurs. The matter is that the brother who has arrived recently to Israel and was not before at them on a visit, has told, when carried a case that will easily find them on a sound of the helicopters, which all turn time over Gilo. The brother has joked, and she has very seriously answered it that at them very silent street and is far from the places, which all fire at time from automatic machines. And here now she suffers that has maleficiated.
ten years ago Oksana has endured pogroms in Baku and was happy, when they have managed to get out to Israel and have begun to live eventually on - chelovecheski. Now to it it is again terrible.
all now it is very terrible. When shot on suburbs Gilo, it was clear that it is not necessary to go there - and all will be normal, anything with them does not happen. Then began to blow up cafe and bars, and they have ceased to go there. It seemed that again it is possible to avoid easily danger because always it is possible to take cover in own house and, as a last resort, to leave simple not. Anywhere but now it appears, as it is very bad exit.
- It is said that the Jews living in Israel, - very strong people also that cannot be intimidated us, - Oksana speaks. - actually it has appeared very easily. To all of us to death it is terrible. I would leave from here where - nibud - now many are going to leave, - but I have. At us anything is not present, except apartment. Perhaps we also would sell it but who will buy now?
in half an hour on the suburb Gilo, at school from which armour windows the beautiful kind on Bejt - Dzhalu and Bethlehem opens, the mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert checked readiness for new academic year. From the point of view of common sense it is impossible to understand, how it is possible to begin academic year under bullets. Shots were well audible also in the morning when the mayor shared the impressions about the done work.
- As a whole we are satisfied seen, - he has declared after short meeting with the director and excursions on school territory. - Pupils are provided by all necessary.
we had to specify that he meant. After all, probably, it was a question not of textbooks and writing-books. And truth, the mayor has told that booking of windows in school classes comes to an end, concrete protections are established also small hitch only with a barbed wire to which needs to process some exits from school.
- there is a danger of penetration of the Arabian terrorists?
- is not present! What terrorists? - The mayor was surprised. Is that children did not climb where it is not necessary.
And teachers he has convincingly asked not to put on apropos and without cause bullet-proof vests during lessons and on changes. Such cases, he has discontentedly noted, already were last educational year and, by results of psychological testing, have made negative impression upon mentality of children which did not have bullet-proof vests.
- Our main task - to provide calmness in classes and good progress! - the mayor has at last smiled.
and on a question after from one of local journalists, whether there are at municipality plans on school transfer in other, more safe place, g - n Olmert has answered that municipality and personally it, the mayor, do not see for this purpose while any bases. It is especially superfluous measure as it can lead to anxiety among local population.
here the mayor in difference, by the way, from Oksana Basovich has confirmed that he is very strong representative of the people and it precisely anything cannot be intimidated, even mines. Some weakness of its positions that the mayor lives absolutely in other area and goes by an armoured vehicle.
on Gilo yesterday shot much, even in the afternoon. As well as the day before, curious hid behind the concrete fence closing Gilo from Bejt - Dzhaly, and with interest endlessly looked out from - for it. We even have shuddered, when have seen that on territory which is considered bombardment sector because there there is no fence, there was an elderly woman with two dogs. It 10 walked them of minutes on a kind at the Israeli soldiers and the Arabian terrorists, and then has slowly gone home. We have caught up with it. Svetlana Nikolaevna Bykova - person known enough here. It is its apartment almost has completely burnt down in November of last year when the bullet has got directly to the TV. We have asked, what for she risks, walking there where anybody, except it and its dogs, does not risk even to creep.
- yes I know, when and where it is possible to go! - it has waved away. - it is not necessary to learn me! There, where I walked with doggies, absolutely safely, it to you all neighbours will tell! And here, where we stand now, can kill, so let`s depart, and that hear, very opportunely shoot!
and it has taken away us on 2 metres more to the right. And has then told that shot also all last night so neither it, nor its children, grandsons have not closed eyes. In the morning children long solved, whether to go it for work. The Israeli authorities recommend: if bombardment strong enough to remain at home, but for work it is obligatory to call and inform. So basically they had a choice.
- but children have gone, because not so are brought up! - Svetlana Nikolaevna yours faithfully has told.
On either side of their house there are Israeli tanks and from time to time deafeningly shoot. It frankly is pleasant to children. But most of all it was pleasant to them, when Arabs shot from Bejt - Dzhaly on Gilo tracing.
- the matter is that only at me in a bedroom the window is reserved. Other windows here - here too will reserve, our turn already approaches, in 7 will come to reserve a window on kitchen, a problem only that windows non-standard, so not all at once... And so, children resorted to me in a bedroom because to look out of windows of a nursery we it forbade, and looked, how red bullets scatter. But something they have ceased to shoot recently them. Now only darkness and a roar.
it is not less, than booking of windows, disturbs her that benches at entrances of their houses one of these days have cleaned.
- I - that understand, why them have cleaned, - she speaks. - certainly, we during bombardments left at once the apartments, sat down on these benches and all discussed.
having learnt that in the evening we meet from premieres - minister Ariel Sharon, Svetlana Nikolaevna has asked us to tell to it that military men have returned to the place of a bench.
we already left Gilo when have heard strong explosion, then one more. When have approached, around already there were many policemen, cars first aid and journalists. Both mines have got on roofs of houses, having killed nobody and without having wounded. They have carried only solar batteries and boilers with water.
we have come into apartment to which the mine has fallen. The low girl sitting on a bed, was very pale, on its person there was a strange confused half-smile. The opened book nearby rolled. Anzhel Osnat read it when the first explosion was distributed. Glasses at once have taken off. She has called the father for work in a metalwork workshop and has shouted to the brother in a court yard, and itself remained to sit. The girl was in shock, her persuaded to go to hospital, she refused.
Anzhel only has returned recently from army, it served on the Israeli fleet but though tried to keep on - fighting, obviously was not ready to that has suddenly fallen down it.
When we drove off from the house of Anzhel, by radio in the car have started to broadcast news. News from the Chechen Republic where, under messages of the Israeli radio, in the car undermined on a mine, 12 persons were lost has appeared the first, the hottest. About mines in Gilo we have heard nothing.