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The best match of a season

For a command of railway level

Russia at last has won the first victory in draw of League of champions. the locomotive in Bruxelles has crushed Belgian Anderlecht 5:1 and has practically provided to itself participation in Cup UEFA.

This season developed for the Russian clubs absolutely sadly. Spartak has filled up all matches in League of champions, commands a rank have amicably taken off from an UEFA Cup more low. a dynamo truth, still keeps, but, possibly, only till next Thursday. To admit, special hope that the Locomotive it will be beaten out from this number, was not. Even less they became in two minutes after the beginning of a match with Anderlecht. Whether Russians have adapted not at once to a wet field, whether not at once have understood that the match has already begun, but defence has made an obvious mistake and has missed Alexander Ilicha (Alexsander Ilic) which without hindrances has driven a ball in Ruslana Nigmatullin`s gate. It seemed that the Locomotive continues to pursue the total bad luck which has begun still in the Roman meeting with Roma.
But, probably, after the passed ball railwaymen had a belief that all eventually will be good. Football trainers said time and again that in important matches even it is better to pass the first and early. Because then football players cease to be nervous and start game on - to the present. And at the Locomotive whoever that spoke, game is put. Probably, selection of players not so equal to show stable game and not to lose to class commands CHernomortsa and an Uralan . But that the Locomotive it is capable to operate intelligently and organizovanno unlike the majority of other Russian teams is the fact. So to write off funny at first sight Marata Izmaylov`s goal only on luck it is not necessary. It is remembered, after Andrey Shevchenko has scored a similar goal in Alexander Filimonova`s gate, in a staff of the Ukrainian national team spoke: it not the luck, simply Shevchenko is able to fulfil such blows.
certainly, can tell that today Anderlecht - at all the most serious command. Belgians are in the same position, as hundreds other clubs in Europe, compelled for the sake of budget replenishment from year to year to sell the leaders. But nevertheless it is the participant of League of champions, and it speaks about much. And Izmaylov`s goal has not discomposed the home team. On the contrary, they have tried to correct position and have jerked forward. Only the locomotive by this moment has already caught game. That Russians in the field did before, football is called with great reserve - more than two exact passes at Yury Semin`s wards did not leave in any way. And then suddenly it began to turn out. Have earned communications, the command has run, and Izmaylov this evening was simply inimitable - plejmejkera it has executed a role on perfectly . It began attacks the Locomotive one of which on 28 - j has led to minute to the second (and very beautiful) to a goal in gate of owners. Here again it is possible to argue, has carried to the Locomotive or not, when Dmitry Sennikov finished a ball in gate, but eventually should also to us when - that to smile good luck.
the second time won the Locomotive with the account 3:0, became Yury Semin`s benefit performance. Certainly, and its vis-a-vis Eme Antuenis (Aime Anthuenis) has helped Russians, having let out in the field of the fourth attacking and having weakened a midfield. But it was all the same visible that the Locomotive that is called, is not afraid to win. This ridiculous fear more than once played malicious jokes with Russian teams.
(James Obiorah), not got to gate the miss of the forward of railwaymen of James Obiory Has helped with a situation when and 80 - the summer old woman would not miss also. It is a pity, the country did not hear, after that Semin has awarded with what epithets the attacking. But, do not subtilize the South African in this moment, can, and Semin in the field obviously sat up in a stock and Maxim Buznikina who has missed football would not dare to let out. With the advent of the tiny forward, in due time, as well as Ruslan Nigmatullin, not approached Spartaku the Locomotive in attack has played absolutely brutally. At first the next word Izmaylov who has deduced on blow with de Vilde (de Wilde) Ruslana Pimenova has told., though has got a fright from the responsibility which has fallen down it (the same mistake as at Obiory, Semin precisely would not forgive to it), to gate has got, having started up a ball between feet of the most experienced goalkeeper. And then Buznikin for good reason undertook. Basically attacking, even despite two hammered balls, has the right to be dissatisfied. Could after all and three, and even in four to hammer. But also so it has not bad turned out.
what even at the account 5:1 when all was already clear, Russians did not begin to roll simply a ball across the field is pleasant also. On the contrary, tried to hammer more and more. Another matter that it would be unfair. Anderlecht and so has received wholly. It is necessary and regret Belgians for whom the European season, apparently, is finished. To be hooked for the third place in the group, the granting right to get to Cup UEFA, to Belgians it is necessary to beat on a visit in last match Roma and to hope that the Locomotive will lose Real. Such it is, of course, theoretically possible, but nevertheless it is hardly believed that Anderlecht will manage to cope with the champion of Italy. So the locomotive it is already possible to congratulate on continuation of the European season, probably.
very worthy result for a command - the debutant of League of champions. You look, the next year it will be better. to the locomotive truth, still it is necessary to be overcome for a place in League, and a problem at it very difficult, considering the schedule of the remained meetings. Here, except a match with Real, also games of the championship of Russia against the Rotor and then and Spartaka . But chances are.
Yury Semin after a match named game of the command of the best in a season. What prevents to repeat it at least in the championship of Russia?