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Criminals shot from pockets

On Wednesday evening in Moscow attempt at the supplier of a motor show of Open Company ASV Vladimir Krasnoperova has been made. Together with the father his son - the student of the Moscow state institute of electronics and mathematics has suffered also. Both with wounds have appeared in hospital.

an attack on 47 - the summer Vladimir Krasnoperova, delivering cars VAZ from Tolyatti for salon ASV located on the areas of the trading house Cars in South port street, has occurred about nine o`clock in the evening. The supplier and it 19 - summer son Dmitry who during free time from study earned additionally in a motor show a stage of cars from base, have parked the car at their house on Kosmodamiansky quay and went to an entrance. Suddenly it towards darkness left two persons. Having come nearer, unknown persons have opened fire, without taking out hands from coat pockets.
One shot had been wounded in a breast Vladimir Krasnoperov, and the second bullet has pleased his son Dmitry in a stomach. Passers-by have caused fast - it delivered wounded men in resuscitation. On a scene of crime field investigators have found two sleeves, but criminals have not left the weapon, therefore weapon type from which they shot, is not established yet. It was not possible to catch and killers.
earlier Vladimir Krasnoperov was the general director and the owner of a small motor show on sale the Zhiguli in Southern port. However, according to acquaintances of the businessman, after arrival gangsters he had to sell a motor show and to be engaged, as he considered, more safe business. Having communications on the Autovase, Vladimir Krasnoperov delivered cars under the order for motor shows.