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Man`s sokrovenija

In Moscow there were first spectators of a new film of Yury Grymov the Collector - journalists and critics. The picture wide release will begin on November, 1st at a cinema Rolan .

this Hire, however, it is possible wide to name only conditional, as, according to the director, the preference is given to small cinema halls, no more than on 200 places. The matter is that Yury Grymov`s brain is arranged rather fancifully, and certificates of it to observe always interesting, but sometimes and hard, especially for what head is designed under the standard project. And Grymov essentially does not test any indulgence to those who, maybe, something does not perceive and nedoponimaet, because it the most consecutive egotsentrik from all operating Russian authors: Now the film - both under the form, and under the maintenance, and on a condition - corresponds to my representation about a public embodiment of the thoughts. That is the film is actually I .
In my opinion, anything esoteric in the Collector no and to understand metaforiku this film and to be identified with it after the director to easy person with the tenacious, branched out emotional memory, for which memoirs there are more important, than new impressions., For example, my internal device always was represented to me approximately such, as a scene of action the Collector : the house which owner (Alexey Petrenko) collects everything in different rooms that the pleasure so, the power has over it gives to the person. As Grymov loves a bright picture, at its collector too propensity to the things delivering, besides all other, and visual pleasure: in one room - the big bright birds, in another - butterflies and hours, in the third - various images and models of phalli. There is a collection of smells - acquaintance to it is accompanied by a joke about a spaceship smell on which Yury Gagarin flied. (The ship this groin mainly blevotinoj: He has told ` have gone ` and srygnul caviar .) It is not shown, but the room in which the collection of money is stored is mentioned. People too are found in the house of the collector: the woman employed for inventory of exhibits, it 14 - the summer daughter and three young men to whom the owner shows the treasures, in passing advancing idea that life is in general constant process of a collecting of memoirs on pleasures, including about people. each of us - a copy of someone`s collection. It is possible to be in several collections at once. It is possible to be a favourite exhibit and to stand in a prominent place, and it is possible pylitsja in a store room - a quotation collection with such aphorisms combining foppery of advertising slogans and psychological accuracy, Grymov likes to let out to each film.
here there is some contradiction between the massed and competent public relations grymovskih products and obvious them neprednaznachennostju for general public. The contradiction is the director realises: On the one hand, it is impossible to be on sale. With another - it is desirable, that have come and have bought. To palm off on the market krashenyh nested dolls late, this period has ended . Grymov lets out on the market kich absolutely other level, than krashenaja a nested doll. In a film one of collections of which hero Petrenko brags, - a collection kicha where together with a white cat the cinema cracker is stored in a pink bow and a green nacreous accordion. It is possible to perceive it as a hint that basically Grymov is inclined to place a cinema in section kicha. Anyway, its cinema under the form is very close to kichu - if to understand kich as someone`s representation about the beauty, finished to the point of irrationality when the beauty already becomes tiresome to an eye and ridiculous to mind. But it does not cease to be thus beauty, especially if its forcing with risk to run into bad taste, in krasotishchu becomes meaningly. And Grymov assures that at it is thought over each spot on the face of the actor and each crack on a wall And it is similar to truth. Infinite captivated vgljadyvanie in effective invoices invented by it the slogan to its to the first, a short-footage film " forces to remember Grymov; Man`s revelations borrowed at Nitsshe: If you look in a chasm, the chasm too looks in you . If the director pays the hypertrophied attention to that the blood-stained rag in hands of the character resembled the taken out heart it should be ready that the taken out heart in its film will seem similar to a blood-stained rag. Or at all on stained with blood, and soaked in a red paint. And the author will be accused that things at it turn out better, than by people so that its people do not interest. On this case artful Grymov has placed in the end of a film titr Be afraid of steady definitions vainly trying to escape a pin of the critic which all the same will pin it in that section of the collection where callous formalists are stored.