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The father wildly apologises

for the separate errors committed to it

Yesterday world news agencies have informed that the Pope has apologised Chineses for admitted by Catholic church concerning these great people of an error of times of colonialism. In total from the moment of election as the father John Pavel II apologised in various occasions about 100 times. If apologies of the pontifex had a retroactive effect, all human history would go on - to another and, in particular, the Catholic church would stop for a long time existence.

in 1998 there was a book of Italian journalist Luigi Akkattoli (Luigi Accattoli) When a Pope Asks Forgiveness: The Mea Culpas of John Paul II ( When the father is sorry ) In which all apologies of the head of Catholic church were described. The pontifex apologised in 1978, right after introductions on a throne, before Italians for bad knowledge of their language. In 1982 it has apologised for errors inquisitions, subsequently has some times condemned her for intolerance and even violence in service to truth . In 1984 during travel across America has apologised for gross blunders missionaries and violence in relation to Indians. In 1985 has asked pardons for Africans for cruel treatment of them colonizers. In 1992 has publicly apologised dead Galileo Galilee, declared the inquisition decision erroneous and has rehabilitated the scientist, having returned to it the right to be the lawful son of church . Then Dzhordano Brunos, by Savonarola, Jan Guus and Martin Luther have been rehabilitated.
In 1995 John Pavel II has addressed to women of the world and has confessed in partnership of church in their oppression, has apologised for injustice and discrimination in payment, career and in all that concerns the democratic rights and duties of citizens. In 1995 on behalf of Catholic church has asked pardons for harm, a criminal conduct to brothers from other faiths . In 1996 has apologised that Vatican too tolerantly concerned fascism and did not struggle with it all means. In 1997 has apologised for the Holocaust, having expressed a regret that conscience of Christians was silent under nazism and Christians did not render the necessary spiritual resistance to prosecution of Jews . In 1997 in Paris has asked pardons for Protestants for a massacre of St. Bartholomew. The same year after Boba Dilana concert (Bob Dylan) in Rome has apologised before fate - musicians and youth for that lateness with which the church recognises your music .
on March, 12th last year the father has spent solemn mass Mea Culpa to Sacred Peter`s churches in Vatican during which time the general repentance and " has taken place; memory clarification in intolerance and the violence made concerning far-outers; a repentance in the organisation of religious wars and crusades, in violence and the cruelty used by inquisition; a repentance in the sins which have broken unity of Christians; condemnation of sins against Jews; a repentance in sins against the rights of the people - disrespect for other cultures and religions; a repentance in sins against human advantage, against women, against separate races and nationalities; a repentance in sins against the rights of the person and against social justice. According to the father, it asks pardons at God for injustice which was admitted for the last centuries by Christians .
In the same month at a Wailing Wall in Jerusalem the father has apologised before Jews for church anti-Semitism. In October has made official apologies for errors of the Catholic missionaries working in China during the period with 1648 - go for 1930. It has occurred right after how a number of the missionaries killed by Chineses have been canonised that has caused negative reaction of the Peoples Republic of China.
in May of this year in Greece has apologised for a capture and a robbery of Constantinople, murder of civilians by participants of the fourth crusade in 1204 and has visited a mosque, having called Moslems and Christians to to a mutual pardon . Having arrived to Kiev, has asked pardons for the errors made by Catholic church in the far and recent past and this September in Armenia has apologised in general for the errors admitted by Catholic church throughout its history.
consistently noble behaviour of head rimsko - the Catholic church, apologising all when - or it offended, should cause respect, especially at nekatolikov and in general conscientious, but secular people. Really: if was where - that at them, Catholics which - that at times not so, has cut somebody, have burnt for a science, or have by force set on the right path, or, for example, Grob Gospoden have won, having filled in with blood the Sacred Earth, - it is necessary to apologise. Really, awkwardly left.
also there are no bases to consider that the deputy of God on a Catholic part of the Earth neiskrenen. That is if he regrets that when - that has occurred, that, means, really would like, that it in the history was not. If could - has cancelled, has deleted from the real past and annals...
but in that case mental experiment immediately arises: Let`s imagine that anything bad, with modern, advanced as now speak, the points of view of father John Pavel II, in the history of a Catholicism were not. There was no inquisition, did not torture propagandists of the real device of a universe of scientists Galilee and Bruno. Doubts in church trues were not punished, after sphericity of the Earth and its rotation contrary to evidence round the Sun the other heresy has rushed in Catholic church... Freethinking has washed away the foundations which have been not killed in a massacre of St. Bartholomew and, on the contrary, the Protestants forgiven in the name of Martin Luther have collected the strength and to any Ulster have started to cut Catholics... Judea in Spain were not pursued and were not discriminated, hence, they did not have a need neither to be christened in a Catholicism, nor to spread across all Europe, there was no huge culture ashkenazi, but Spain became the Judaic country... Crusades was not, the temple over the Coffin Dominical is destroyed, forgotten, all has left in sand... Afterwards into a non-existence has gradually started to plunge and Christianity - without the centre of worship of religion long do not live... The encouraged pagans and other enemies of belief Christ`s successfully cut missionaries, behind which backs knights errant (to present measures, vagabonds - murderers), forwarding cases, gunboats did not loom... In the middle of 40 - h years of the last century the next father was killed by saboteurs of Skortseni - for active support of the European antifascist Resistance, direct condemnation of destruction of Jews and an appeal of Catholics to struggle against Hitler... In the middle of feministic 70 - h the next father legally became the woman...
apologies that the history was that what it was, instead of it was composed on present politically correct propisjam, now steels not simply fashionable, but obligatory for civilised politicians. What, as prove in once again its apologies, certainly, the pontifex is. Japanese, American and German heads of the states apologised. For everything that their countries have made when war still was the coexistence form, and violence - one of mankind damnations, instead of a favourite scarecrow of antiglobalists. All these apologies something imperceptibly remind politeness of the taxi driver from a joke in relation to intelligent passengers: Anything, what I sit to you a back?
however, across Afghanistan the father yet has not condemned dot blows. Whether the common sense triumphs, whether care of the future fathers - that was for what to apologise.