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Zurab Zhvanija has arrived to Moscow beyond uniform Georgia

Yesterday to Moscow with three-day visit there has arrived parliamentary delegation of Georgia led by the speaker of parliament Zurab Zhvaniej. The destiny of the Russian peacemakers, a problem of Abkhazia and joint fight against terrorism become the basic themes of negotiations.

interest to visit of the Georgian speaker the special. Recently the parliament of Georgia has almost unanimously accepted the decision about a conclusion of the Russian peacemakers from a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict - a river basin of Inguri. Besides, the Russian State Duma and parliament of Georgia during last crisis in Abkhazia have exchanged sharp statements, having accused each other of all mortal sins. However both in Tbilisi, and in Moscow voices about necessity of dialogue began to be distributed. Present visit of the Georgian speaker became display of this aspiration also.
Zurab Zhvanija (Zurab Zhvania), arrived to Moscow under the invitation of the head of the State Duma of Russia Gennady Seleznev, always was considered as one of the most westernized politicians of Georgia, however recently he began to express more moderately. The Georgian speaker met Gennady Seleznev more than once, but in present conditions negotiations of parliamentary delegations of two countries have special value. By data from an environment of the head of the Georgian delegation, the destiny of the Russian peacemakers, a problem of Abkhazia and joint fight against terrorism become the basic themes of negotiations.
Zurab Zhvanija on behalf of the Georgian management will suggest to change again a format of peace-making operation, namely to relocate the Russian peace-making contingent at the river Inguri to the river Galidzga deep into territories of Abkhazia. It, by calculations of Tbilisi, will give the chance to the Georgian refugees to return to Galsky area - one of six areas of Abkhazia.
In Tbilisi the format of peace-making operation, and Moscow repeatedly suggested to change like would not object, but the Abkhazian party acted categorically against. Zurab Zhvanija is going to inform Gennady Seleznev that Georgia is ready to be transformed to a federative state by an example of Russia and to give to Abkhazia the status of the subject of federation. The structure of the Georgian parliamentary delegation includes representatives of all fractions of parliament, including traditionally loyal Russia, for example fractions of socialists. However their positions on the Abkhazian question are almost identical.
speakers and a problem of joint fight against terrorism and, in particular, with the Chechen insurgents will not bypass. Zurab Zhvanija for certain will remind of 13 insurgents whom Georgia has given out recently Russia. And the Chechen formations which until recently were in the Pankissky gorge, are squeezed out on the territories which are not under control to the Georgian authorities. That is to Abkhazia.