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In places of fighting glory

Having left the Ukrainian deputies to argue on the earth, the president of the country Leonid Kuchma (Leonid Kuchma) has left yesterday to Feodosiya. Sources from its environment have informed the correspondent that plans of the president do not include visiting of range of the Russian Black Sea fleet of Opuk, fatal rocket firing With - 200, destroyed the Russian passenger liner whence has been made.
the road on Opuk begins on 113 - m kilometre of a line Simferopol - Kerch near to Feodosiya. The Ukrainian military men suggested court of inquiry to leave on range that on a place to prove the innocence. However the commander-in-chief and the president of Ukraine has sent in resignation of Minister of Defence Alexander Kuzmuk (Oleksandr Kuzmuk) on the eve of visit to Crimea without departure to the place of rocket start. It has been made, it is probable to avoid unpleasant questions in Feodosiya.
On the eve of Leonid Kuchma`s visit of premieres of Crimea Valery Gorbatov (Valery Gorbatov) has declared to journalists that the president arrangement problems in Crimea the Crimean Tatars deported at Stalin and stabilisation socially - an economic situation on peninsula first of all interest. He intends to visit some enterprises, Gallery of a name of Ayvazovsky in Feodosiya, and also will hold a meeting with an economic active of Crimea and will visit Boris Yeltsin having a rest on peninsula.
MARK - AGATE, Crimea