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Odnojajtsevoe cinema

At the Moscow cinema Rolan the film " is shown; the March cat (Tomcats). It is the next comedy about young men who have nothing to occupy, except sex.

tragedy of characters the March cat consists that sexual life too often leads to life family which categorically is not pleasant to them. Financially to encourage bent for of sexual life and disgust to family, some schoolmates of a male decide to be thrown off on the bank contribution which as a result with fair percent should get to that from them who last remains single. In seven years the size of the contribution reaches $500 000, and unmarried applicants for it remains only two. Money is extremely necessary to one of them to pay loss in Las - Vegase, and it starts to strive on a marriage of the single friend urgently. For this purpose it finds the girl with whom that has tempted seven years ago, but did not marry, despite deep sincere sympathy for it. The girl wishes to settle scores with the offender, and at the same time to earn half of prize-winning sum, and it starts to hill successfully the client, running business to wedding. After wedding she artfully throws the newly-baked husband as in parallel it has a pure feeling with that last single guy who has achieved a treasured prize.
thus, almost all appear as a result of a film married and worthy members of a society whom also the author of a picture carefully hiding the decent shape behind wild jokes on the verge of decency, probably, is. Most trudnoopisyvaemaja from them is the culmination the March cat . Perhaps, its force that authors have the nerve to pull it so long that in the end really you start to laugh. It has no relation to development of action, simply author of the scenario has decided that will be cool, if one of characters has a cancer testikuly, and to it it will be cut off, but he will want to see it at last, and its loyal friend will chase on all hospital this escaping of hands testikuloj, yet will not tyre out it in a dining room where the doctor will eat it instead of a sweet. Who does not know that such testikula, can watch a film or the medical encyclopaedia - that from them is more ridiculous, there is no saying.
it is already clear, as the film suffers all. a March cat except for the above described hospital episode, chastely enough uses this permissiveness: it is very correct comedy in comparison with legendary fiziologichnostju such films, as All without mind from Mary (Something About Mary), and other creations of brothers of Farelli. But all the same any new way gracefully to joke on sexual themes to authors it was not possible to invent. Probably, with cinematographers it is necessary to arrive, as with cats: or to castrate them that they at all lost interest to these subjects and addressed to something ennobled, or not to pay attention to their miaow tormenting hearing.