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Alexander Skokan: sometimes it is necessary to hammer in nails

Yesterday in an architecture Museum the exhibition of architect Alexander Skokana has opened. Within the limits of the program of acquisition of a collection of modern architecture MUARPROEKT, a structure # in a museum materials on shop " have been transferred; the Nail on crossing of Volokolamsk highway and MKAD. Correspondent GRIGORY talks to ALEXANDER SKOKANOM - REVZIN.

- you the most consecutive supporter sredovogo the approach in architecture that assumes restraint and asketichnost. And suddenly any huge nails hammered into a facade.
- nails? On - to mine, they are ascetic enough.
- but the same pure ornament. The priest - art reminds. So any museum of the modern art could be issued.
- it seems to me that it is faster a compliment when shop accept for a museum. Well, we will talk about nails. This building was designed by dead Andrey Jaralov. It was very talented person, at all the architect, and the artist - at us on walls its painting. He has died, and there was this project. The big metal sculpture really speaking in language of the modern art. And for us was a point of honour to finish this building before realisation.
- that is this image contradicts your aesthetics and you realised it simply in memory of the friend?
- is not present, this image does not contradict an aesthetics of our workshop. It was the adequate answer to a task in view, and we realised it for this reason.
- I do not understand, it is possible to answer what problem with a nail adequately. After all there do not nail sell. There, as far as I know, the Seventh continent .
- Originally the customer intended to place there the market of building materials. Hardly us pertinently to reproach that quality of architecture has appeared more suitable to shops of higher level. However, when there were other functions, I have suggested the customer to refuse nails, but he has considered that it is already untwisted label. The project has won competition the Golden section also it was repeatedly published. Besides, the customer himself has shown propensity to language of modern architecture and art. When it has come to us, he wanted to build a copy of a building of Hans Holljajna in Vienna.
- for shop of building materials?
- yes, for shop of building materials. A copy we, certainly, to do not steels, but have taken into consideration. Also have afforded radical art gesture.
- than, actually, the ornament nails differs from an ornament columns, capitals, a stucco moulding?
- relevance of these ornaments. In our opinion, occurrence of capitals in an industrial zone at MKAD a little pertinently. This object in general exists as a part of an infrastructure of MKAD. From here its basic features. It should as - to be allocated that. After all a trading premise - the same that an industrial building, for it the box is necessary only, and the anonymous environment of an industrial zone consists of such boxes and. But in this anonymity the object should receive a bright name which is perceived from MKAD. It modern on experience a place - speed, an industrial landscape. And the modern art - the adequate answer to a problem.
- but from the point of view of logic sredovogo the approach it all the same seems strange.
- for me sredovoj the approach is a consecutive decision of system of the equations. Functions, places, the budget and so on. And if in one of these equations there is a necessity of a bright image (a facade of a trading building, from my point of view, it in general an image), and in other - environment in which there are only cars rushing at great speed it is necessary to answer these problems. If pertinently to hammer in a nail, it is necessary to hammer in it.