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Their choreographic universities

to Baletmejstersky faculty of the HOST (the former GITIS) 55 years were executed. Not round anniversary became an occasion for big gala in a hall of P.I.Tchaikovsky who has taken place on October, 22nd.

about pedagogical achievements have reported rather originally. In the program the safe classics and effective numbers of ensembles of national dance triumphed. The modern choreography remained secret behind seven seals.
a question whether There is a sense in the higher baletmejsterskom formation? became rhetorical still in 1946 - m, in a year of the basis of chair. And spectators of a semianniversary concert and have not received the answer to it. The most sharp-witted have guessed that art of the ballet master (the main subject of faculty) - art courageous. So, a duet from Maj Murdmaa ballet (Mai Murdmaa) Game to Don Zhuana has shown remarkable courage of the author. The former head of the main ballet of Estonia, the graduate of 1964, outright undertook a ballet sensuality. Also has mastered it so dizzily that number has turned in not that other, as to the comical answer notorious in the USSR of sex is not present .
Head of ballet troupe of Theatre of K.S.Stanislavsky and Vl. I.Nemirovich - Danchenko Dmitry Brjantsev has offered more delicate decision of the same problem. Erotizm a duet from Illusive ball executed by Vladimir Kirillov and Natalia Ledovsky, it is gracefully obscured by all neo-romantic curls.
the Baletmejstersky faculty regularly forges shots for all planet. Its graduates are everywhere, even in the African republic of That. From foreigners Violetta Gonsales (Violetta Gonzalez), ended GITIS in far 54 - Its m. " was a representative; the Spanish duet on music of Albenisa it has appeared dialogue without mutual understanding. Severe macho Maxim Valukina and doll Spaniard Renaty Petrovoj looked nearby as a dredge near a buttonhole.
but Russian theme was showed in all completeness. Clockwork perepljas chorus of M.E.Pjatnitsky has with interest blocked bravura of a pas - de - de from Quixote even in spite of the fact that Maryanna Ryzhkina and Vitaly Breusenko have danced Kitri and Bazilja is easy and accurate. And lebedushki from Birches have outdone most the Dying swan . Svetlana Lunkinoj`s not musical bird`s tremblings (by the way, schoolgirls of the academician Ekaterina Maksimovoj) have transformed Michael Fokina`s well-known miniature into a parody on mute to a film . Nadezhdy Nadezhdinoj which even have fairly decayed in due course the round dances, looked on this background the sample of smooth dance. The foundress Birches by the way, was the opponent professional baletmejsterskogo formations, considering what ridiculously to learn to put dances. If it is not given, so it is not given from a birth. Igor Moiseyev adheres to the same opinion also. Whether not therefore it the Greek suite of a Sirtaki it has appeared in cathedral a concert of one of the best? As well as executed Anastasiej Jatsenko and Janom Godovsky Tarantella George Balanchina. This titan of ballet of the XX-th century too did not finish any choreographic universities .