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With name of Tovstonogova

have awarded Peter Fomenko

Yesterday, how winners of the Petersburg theatrical award " will be declared; Gold spotlights declared rewarding of Moscow director Peter Fomenko. To it will hand over the award of a name of George Tovstonogova.

This award is awarded for the first time. Though it is founded in frameworks Gold spotlights its communication with this project is more likely nominal. spotlights the award of a name of Tovstonogova - federal chooses to itself winners among the Petersburg theatrical figures. spotlights it is handed over after competitive discussion before the declared nominees, the winner of the award passes hors concours - choice procedure is hidden from extraneous eyes. Nominations Spotlights are accurately formulated and lean on results of just past season, the award give for the outstanding contribution to theatrical art development.
the Name of the great Leningrad director - the only thing that gives to this award though any concreteness, but it is taken faster in the decorative purposes. The prestige of any award is defined by authoritativeness of jury and creative scale awarded, on reputation creation some years leave. The newborn award has tried to solve this problem straight off, being called as a name of Tovstonogova not demanding additional explanatories.
However, the choice of the first winner by whoever it has been made, is represented in this case ideal. In - the first, Peter Fomenko - one of few directors, which central place in a picture of modern Russian theatre it is conclusive. In - the second though Fomenko also works in Moscow, in Petersburg it consider partly as the, remembering still since it supervised over local Comedy theatre. Besides its Moscow the Workshop more recently came to Petersburg on tour, having certified the glory that is called, on a place: This visit, as a matter of fact, became the main art event of the past Petersburg theatrical season. And under mark the contribution these tours approach ideally: in the name of actors the result of long-term efforts of Fomenko - the teacher has been visually shown, and the rich program has made almost Fomenko`s complete works - the director of last seasons. Besides, considering art modesty of local creative achievements past theatrical year, delivery of the award of a name of Tovstonogova to Muscovite Peter Fomenko will seriously strengthen reeled self-conceit of Petersburgers, having convinced that the right to the higher verdicts in present Russian process on - former belongs to them.
MARIA - IVANOV, St.-Petersburg