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Microsoft will satisfy all

Except the state

On Thursday the premiere of new operating system Microsoft - Windows XP has taken place. Its exit will increase separation Microsoft from competitors in the software market for desktop computers. But, as it is paradoxical, Microsoft can from - for Windows XP to lose positions in a state sector. The departments disturbed by problems of safety, are ready to introduce only absolutely “ transparent “ programs. And this banner holds Linux.

Corporate interest
Boxes with the English-speaking version of new operating system Windows XP have arrived in retail networks of the USA past Thursday. Earlier silvery containers with Windows XP have been solemnly sent by the little from office Microsoft in Redmond to leading manufacturers of computers. Russian version Windows XP, confirms Microsoft, it is necessary to expect more close by January.
from novelty Microsoft wait for much. So, manufacturers of computers hope that a new operating system, more exacting to “ to a stuffing “ computers, will recover the slowed down demand for the personal computer in the world. End users wait from Windows XP for growth of the productivity, new design and new functions. And the most exacting corporate sector - the raised safety and stable work. With that end in view Microsoft did XP more remote for hackers and viruses. So, program Internet Connection Firewall included in the complete set of new OS, will allow the companies having constant connection with the Internet, to be invisible to malefactors operating in a network. Besides, the special module (as a matter of fact, the anti-virus program) will allow users Windows XP to cut fragments of programs coming from the Internet which are capable to damage the information. In many respects on the basis of these innovations of analytics of research firm Gartner Group predict that in two years Windows XP becomes a dominating operating system in corporate sector. Differently, the majority of the companies today using Windows 1995, 1998 and 2000 and other operating systems, by 2003 licences on Windows XP will buy.
However software updating in government structures, on - visible, will go not so quickly as it is predicted in the relation business - sectors. And the reason not in traditional conservatism of the power (both in the world, and in Russia), and in features of the most offered Microsoft a product. Windows XP - the first operating system in which it is realised declared by general architect Microsoft Bill Gates (Bill Gates) strategy. Net - program delivery in rent through the Internet. Under the concept. Net, programs and the user data is stored on servers and can be accessible from any point of light on the terms of a monthly fee. So, using technology. Net “ Mó Services “ its more familiar working name - “ HailStorm “ (“ the Downpour “) Everyone can store the list of addresses of the clients, the personal business schedule and the data about credit cards on server Microsoft. If necessary it is possible to see and add this data from the working or house computer, the pocket personal computer or, for example, through the Internet - a booth at the airport. However together with convenient network service the user. Net receives also a headache: its data is stored in one place that is very seductive for hackers. Such model does not approach officials who bear a criminal liability for loss of the classified information of the state importance.

state standard
Possible existence of openings in Windows XP through which the malefactor can get, for example, access to the information on movings of interesting his face or the document, is only a problem part. The much bigger alarm in employees of state structures responsible for information security and the private companies is caused by closeness of on sale operating systems - that “ it is sewn up “ inside Windows XP (as, however, and the previous versions Windows), know only in Microsoft. And even business appearing messages on leaks of initial code Windows or breakings of servers MSN (a network of sites Microsoft Network which the American company is going to integrate with Windows within the limits of strategy. Net) only force alarm. That is why the increasing popularity operating systems with an open initial code (like Linux) - after all get knowledge “ anatomy “ used system raises its invulnerability.

operating system Linux, as well as many other bright inventions of the XX-th century, was born in university laboratory. In the beginning 90 - h the undergraduate of Helsinki university Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) has placed on the Internet results of the term paper - the kernel of a new operating system created by it on the basis of server OS Unix. The program has been published together with an initial code and the offer to all wishing to join its completion. The group of the enthusiasts which have arisen round the project of Torvaldsa, for some years has grown in professional community from hundreds companies and tens thousand programmers. Today Linux, the fruit of their teamwork, competes on equal terms with Unix and Windows in sector ON for servers, but, unlike them, on - former extends with initial texts and is free.

on not confirmed while information to use Linux as the unified operating system for government structures China gathers. In February in China there has passed presentation of OS Chinese - 2000, the developed local academy of Sciences together with company Red Flag. However, it is possible to concern this event on - to a miscellaneous. On the one hand, many Chineses compare working out of own operating system to the nuclear program. With another - in the country one of the highest in the world of levels of a computer piracy (according to supported Microsoft organisations Business Software Alliance, only 6 % of programs used in China are got legally). So, less convenient in use, than Windows OS, Linux, even under a label “ Made in China “ the majority of Chineses can appear simply it is not necessary.
results of the debate which has taken place on this week in parliament of Germany are more interesting. Deputies intend to recommend Linux for use in the German state institutions (in particular, in organisations VPK) because of the raised safety of this OS. By the way, hearings about obligatory transfer VPK on Linux went two years ago and to Russia. However it has not occurred. Probably, for the same reason, as in China - from - for high level of a piracy (at us in the country, according to BSA, every eighth program is legally bought).
In spite of the fact that free Linux has strong positions in sector of server operating systems (for ten years clones Linux Apache and FreeBSD de - fakto became the standard for servers of the small and average companies), it is possible to name at least three reasons interfering its universal introduction. In - the first, “ raznosherstnost “ versions Linux created in hundreds of developers, reduces possibilities on timely and full technical support. In - the second, the user interface of free OS seriously concedes Windows - Linux is created by professionals and for professionals. (By the way, for this reason Linux the Internet - providers and ASP - the companies enjoys the person popularity at small and average: if in staff set of experts why not to save on licences?) And at last, the library developed under Linux programs considerably concedes to assortment of a software for Windows (though group Linux - developers Wine tries to correct this situation, adapting Linux under start Windows - programs).
Nevertheless Linux - the companies wait for rapid growth. So, according to research company IDC, in 2001 rendering of consulting services to the organisations which have introduced at Linux, will bring $156 million, and in new year incomes of support Linux will reach already $285 million In the forecast IDC considered company IBM statement, in the end of 2000 promised to enclose more than $1 mlrd in working out and distribution of programs with an open initial code. Not less important stimulus for growth Linux - the market - that manufacturers of computers have paid attention to a free operating system, of games consoles and mobile devices. Use free Linux gives them important competitive advantage: Production becomes cheaper, than at competitors, is equal on cost of the licence for paid OS. Besides, as the initial code is accessible to everything, Linux it is possible to build in both a teapot, and in the vacuum cleaner.
for example, Sony Computer Entertainment declared export targets of game console PlayStation 2 with established Linux. Plans of scale release Linux - palmtopov bear companies Compaq and Sharp. And company Intel in the summer of last year has presented a prototype the Internet - prefixes Dot. Station (phone hybrid, the Internet - the browser and the post program) on the basis of Linux, thereby having encroached on a private alliance with Microsoft. However, more recently Intel has refused expensive plans of an independent exit for the consumer market and has decided to concentrate on the basic production - microchips. Nevertheless it is obvious that the potential at Linux - the market is also dispute between two operating systems far is not finished.