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Mobile crisis

the Market of cellular telephones has gone on recession

the research of the market of the mobile phones Published yesterday, spent Gartner Dataquest, has yielded sensational results: for the first time during existence of cellular tubes volumes of their sales have fallen. It means that crisis of the telecommunication industry goes deep also its basic participants new shocks wait.

in the second quarter of this year all over the world it has been sold 89,76 million cellular telephones - on 8,4 % less in comparison with the second quarter 2000. And it is less, than in the first quarter 2001 - go - in first three months have sold 96,69 million This first registered decrease in sales volumes after many years of continuous growth - the analyst from Gartner Ben Wood (Ben Wood) makes comments on results.
the Main reasons of decrease in sales volumes of tubes name stagnation of economy in a number of the large countries, and also refusal of operators of practice of subsidising of devices. It is possible to name one more essential reason of recession creative crisis at manufacturers. Cellular telephones on a show-window of shop a little than differ from the same in a pocket at the buyer - the same size, the same functions. It be no point to buy the new device.
the first symptoms of deterioration of a situation in the market of mobile phones were found out in the autumn of last year. Then almost simultaneously Motorola, Philips and Ericsson have declared correction of forecasts of sales of cellular telephones on 2000 and 2001 (in the smaller party, certainly). Instead of the planned 450 million tubes last year it has been sold 410 million Superfluous 40 million phones have toughened a competition, have brought down the prices, and for mobile phones much manufacture became unprofitable business. As a result of Ericsson, and then and Philips have closed own manufactures of tubes. And other manufacturers were engaged in the reorganisation of business accompanied by scale dismissals. This sad business, apparently, will be continued, because yesterday Gartner declared that total sales volumes of phones this year again will appear below expected: 450 million instead of earlier assumed 500 million (even earlier in business - plans of the companies million figure 575 appeared).
in this situation that fact can please Consumers that in the narrowed market the competition again will become aggravated, and it will by all means lead to notable reduction of prices. Most likely, this year the last year`s scenario will repeat: the prices for cellular telephones will sharply go downwards in the second half of the year. Manufacturers will aspire to keep the share of the market and to stimulate sales volumes (let at cut prices) to reduce inevitable losses.