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Martians hide under ice

Open reservoirs on Mars anybody for the present has not found. There are only their traces. And present conditions on the Red planet like would not allow water to be on a surface in the liquid state. Even on equator where the temperature at times rises above a zero of degrees.

Atmospheric pressure here is that - very low that thawed snow which can quite be formed, quickly evaporates.   and here under a crust of ice it is capable to be saved and collect. To such conclusion Dejdrih Mohlman from the German space centre in Berlin has come.

Calculations   the scientist have shown that under ice thawed snow will not evaporate. And there is it at the expense of heat getting from out of. By the way, similar conditions are available in Antarctica. No less than water under ice.

Mohlman believes that the latent tanks of Mars can reach depths about 10 metres. And if to search for life, there. At least bacteria or seaweed.

Ice on South Pole of Mars. By different colour the different thickness is shown. Ice - water as scientists