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Where to write to the Grandfather to the Frost?

a gift by mail

How to arrange that your son or a daughter have received a gift from the Grandfather of the Frost. There are some ways. In - the first, traditionally such service is represented by Mail of Russia. The child will receive from the fantastic grandfather the personal letter with warm wishes, and also a remarkable gift which the father or mum can choose. To issue the order on the Congratulation from Father Frost very simply. Parents should come to the nearest post office, to fill the special form and to pay service at the operator. Congratulation cost is identical on all country - one, without a gift, it will manage to you in 99 roubles. And here the gifts applied on the letter, stand on - to a miscellaneous. Their assortment is wide. The small can reserve training poster the Speaking alphabet for 485 roubles. To children is more senior the book - the piano with favourite children`s songs for 590 roubles will be pleasant. Still the Grandfather the Frost can present to the kid an original set for creativity with which help it is possible to make a painted bas-relief and an engraving (370 roubles) or a set for beadwork (390 roubles). A universal gift for all age - a soft toy for 349 roubles. And at last for 399 roubles it is possible to reserve a gift - a surprise, that is even you will not know that will appear in a beautiful parcel!

Father Frost already waits for your letters.
a photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN

to Reserve service it is possible till December, 22nd. Gifts are sent the addressee by departures 1 - go a class, and a congratulation - certified mails. All of them have the status of registered items of mail, therefore will not be lost in a way. You can even trace a way of your parcel on a site Mails of Russia . For this purpose you will need to enter ten-character number which you will find under a stroke - a code on the receipt.

  All on Tomsk Pisanitsu

There is one more, purely Kuzbass, a way to meet the Grandfather the Frost. After all at   us absolutely nearby, in memorial estate Tomsk pisanitsa there lives the winter wizard. Its residence with might and main works. Everyone days off from 12 o`clock till 16 o`clock you can visit her. The children`s ticket there costs 70 roubles, the adult - 120. Parents can beforehand take care of a gift, very quietly pass its Grandfather, and it will solemnly hand over a gift to the kid. Very fine and fantastically it will turn out - it is checked up by set kemerovchan! And on December, 26th and 27 on Tomsk Pisanitse will pass fur-trees. Tickets will cost more expensive: children`s - 110 roubles, the adult - 160. But the feast waits for you cheerful, populous!

Father Frost Residence will work and on New Year`s vacation, and then - up to the Shrove.

By the way, to the fantastic grandfather from Tomsk Pisanitsy it is possible to write the letter. Annually so do about 300 kiddies. The address such: Kemerovo, Tomsk, 5, to Father Frost, or Jashkinsky area, der. Hand-written, memorial estate Tomsk pisanitsa .