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Where and with whom to meet the White Tiger

Tatyana Vedeneyev will choose the white dress for New year.

So it is possible to arrange a celebration there where you would like (though in winter wood, though in a bath). The main thing that to you it was pleasant and convenient - the heavenly promoter of 2010 adores comfort.

And still it is very important to spend this New Year`s eve with nice and worthy people: with a family, colleagues, adherents (for example, fans of scuba diving or admirers of an opera) and it is simple together with darling. The quantity meeting values has no, the main thing - quality.

What to put on

Already all know that in the east it is accepted to meet a New Year`s celebration in clothes of those tones which correspond to the heavenly promoter of coming year. Therefore it is better to pick up to itself a festive attire of light tones: white, pink, blue.

On - former are actual golden, it is light - sand, it is pale - lemon colours. More dark and too bright are undesirable.

is, truth, an exception: this year men can be apparelled in a classical black suit and even a tuxedo. And here to ladies to carry colours of year alas, necessarily. But all of us we have the right to put on the favourite clothes from available clothes   and, if it is necessary, to save on the New Year`s dress. Be assured, the White Tiger will like such reasonable approach!

Lina Savansky.