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Pulls on ostrenkoe? Yes you the pedant, the sir!

the American scientists have found out communication between character and preferences in meal. They so have attended to search of this interrelation that have made grandiose research.

18 thousand persons have been quickly called under scientific banners and are studied lengthways yes across. Attention, companions, conclusions! And suddenly this data will help you with life.


Chocolate is loved by those who does not have not enough pleasure in life. It provokes development serotonina, a pleasure hormone. It is known already even by babies.

and so, you love what grade of chocolate, too matters. To you on   to taste the bitter? Ha so you it is visible, all time be in the attention centre, almost a department star. And yours the neighbour in a ladder platform prefers milk chocolate? Well so it, means, the introvert, is inclined   to loneliness. At all I do not know that it is possible to make with it for it.

sweets, according to the American scientific figures, the cheerful citizens considering unique and unique love. But! They have a weakness. No, it not sweets. They cannot feel sorry about a criminal conduct. Hardly they will go on a confession or will be sorry, if attack a foot to whom in public transport.


Those whom pulls on solenenkoe, persons so-so. They go down stream destinies, at them deficiency of mineral substances, and the destiny for them is solved by circumstances. Any dependent they, not leaders absolutely.

Who during a dinner tries to keep step at once with pepper and loves Indian or Caucasian cuisine - the pedant. In the dictionary napsiano that is the person, “different the excessive, exaggerated accuracy, meanness, a formalism, pedantry “. And to all other at it astable arterial pressure. About as!

And here by the way if the person simultaneously loves both sweet, and salty, and such difficult flavouring scale of type “turned sour - it is sweet - sharply - soleno - bitter sauce” is, dear friends, a sign of talented and creative nature. But all of them entirely people - the singles constrained, closed and reticent.

That normal people and as them to distinguish for choice in the menu love, scientific have not found out.