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These salutes under windows have already got!

readers - Novosibirsk have expressed the opinion on terrible tragedy in Perm. Here only some responses which have arrived on our site after the happened.


- For a long time it is time to forbid pyrotechnics in Russia! This entertainment not for our mentality. From - for several upivshihsja balbesov innocent people more often suffer affliction. I, to tell the truth, therefore do not love New Year`s feasts. At night firing as in the war, wails, flashes, and morning of a heap of the burnt garbage, the become drowsy physiognomies. Our society is now sick, and it is impossible to give dangerous things to patients. Tragedy in Perm - to that acknowledgement. Children did not have not enough adrenaline, thrills. Have received. There is no place more sharply...

Roman NSK:

- And you forbid bullets - them people kill...


- Both hands for an interdiction. These almost behind windows have already got everyday salutes! And for some I want to specify that a bullet freely you will not buy.

the Left muzhik:

- Salute to salute rozn. One business - the extensive area, and another - a basement with an abrupt iron ladder. It is necessary to see a difference, instead of blindly on a piece of paper all to close and forbid successively.


- Brad full! Still urgently forbid sale of electric kettles - so much people boiled water scald. Forbid cars - people perish under wheels. Hammers too forbid - so much the beaten off fingers every year. And let`s forbid in Russia idiots! Perhaps then it is not necessary to forbid pyrotechnics sale?


- to Start petards and toys similar to them should specially trained people. And on a broader scale, in due time I ministered in GDR - so there pyrotechnics sold only some days before Christmas. In its any other time simply there was no place to buy!