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In Sudogde there was a man on a call

Leisure for lovely ladies. The man on a call. Cheaply... - some such announcements have appeared recently in centre Sudogdy.

On all it is visible - on a curve path of defect sudogodskogo zhigolo has pushed a lack of money. Sheets from school writing-books are used up by the black handle and a marker. It seems that the printer at the guy is not present. Perhaps on it also earns? The announcement efficiently warns, it is possible what to call only with 10. 00 to 22. 00. Perhaps later parents of the house?

and suddenly it is a cruel joke? - we have thought. For example, the former girl has decided to revenge or friends were kidding. Have decided to call, check up. A tube took the person with a voice of the worker of tobacco factory - low, hoarse.

- hello. You gave the announcement of leisure?

- is not present, - uncertainly.

- yes? Strange, all Sudogda in announcements... Well, izvi.

- yes, yes, I gave. About leisure, - it is felt, the muzhik is nervous.

- and what enters into this concept?

- well... Intim. 500 roubles at an o`clock, - a voice for stirring has given a cock . - I Leave, where will tell. All is confidential.

( for small Sudogdy a confidentiality question, it it is necessary to notice, rather disputable )

- In the passport, so, do not look?

- is not present, in the passport I do not look.

- and if the girl the minor?

- well., - the voice was restive. - I will define as - nibud.

the next day zhigolo on an editorial mobile phone has thrown off sms - ku: the Woman, have not decided to call the man? And that all remain are happy. Any sex what you will tell, even shouted . Probably, at the guy of work not a blockage.