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Handout for impoverished Latvia

Test by independence has appeared a heavy burden for Latvia. Membership in EU and the NATO does not help even. When - that the full and safe Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic now, on 18 year of the independent life, suffers affliction from the unemployment which have captured the country, which level, by different estimations, reaches 15 - 20 %. According to experts, the situation will worsen only.


to Rescue colleagues on EU from humanitarian accident Swedes have solved. Members of their association From heart to heart already have typed more thousand bags with products, clothes and other necessary things in an economy, like a toilet paper. All it kindly on Tuesday has been sent to Latvia.


And this beginning only of the long-term action...


the Latvian sprats even at the time of crisis Then were not useful to Europe. And for rusofobskie the West, seemingly, is not going while to pay extra an outburst - with Russia now to have normal business relations more favourably.


Riga still had one hope - to enter into an euro zone somewhat quicker. Then the pier all will be adjusted. But Bruxelles does not hurry with approval of such plans - there money are able to consider.