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To the director of the Krasnodar factory “ Gray hairs “ two years of prison

About problems of the oldest in edge of machine-tool constructing factory we already threaten wrote (see in number from July, 28th and on August, 19th, 2009) . We will remind, the establishment is simple - naprosto could stop the work from - for failure of contracts from customers. More than 200 persons have been urged to be in no-charge holiday, and enterprise debts have grown to 21 million roubles. Only on one of factory holdings, the salary to employees did not pay from March till June, having run into debt to more 3 million roubles.

then in Krasnodar have generated working group with participation of representatives of a city administration and edge on a conclusion from crisis “ the International joint-stock company of Gray hairs “.

- We will hold a situation on special control, - have explained in department of economic development, investments and external relations of Krasnodar.

With debts by common efforts, like as, have paid off. But criminal case on one of directors of the enterprise all - taki have got. Under article 145 of a part 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation (“Nonpayment of the salary over two months”).

- All six directors of holding now under a consequence while the reasons of a delay of a salary are found out. - have explained to us in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Western district of Krasnodar.

- Money I have paid to the employees in August, - the head of Open Company " has reported; Gray hairs of Jugmehtsentr “ Vladimir Degtyaryov. - now here I wait for result of checks.

By the way, the employer in case of the proved mercenary interest, is punished by the penalty at the rate to 120 thousand roubles or deprivation of the right to hold a similar post or imprisonment for the term up to 2 - h of years.