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“ Pork “ the flu will leave from Kuban in a month?

- has come to a drugstore for “ Arbidolom “ and it is not present, - our reader Irina from the Hydrosystem has phoned. - as, however, and gauze bandages. My husband was ill, it would be desirable to protect relatives from an infection. Rescue native has appeared an unreal invention. Has run all over drugstores in our microdistrict, on Stasov`s street and on thermal power station - there are no preparations.

- and me my pregnant girlfriend has reserved to bring from Rostov-on-Don anti-virus means - at us in their afternoon with fire will not find, - Galina from Primorsko - Ahtarska echoes it.

- the flu even will rage a month on Kuban, - Elena Redko has explained the head of department of public health services of edge. - We need to hold on till the end of December. But it is not necessary to panic. In drugstores the fullest assortment protivogrippoznyh medical products - all about 18 names is presented.

- Krasnodartsy, being afraid to pick up an infection, will sweep away all medicines against viruses, and counters of drugstores are devastated. New receipts " are expected; Arbidola “ “ oksolinovoj ointment “ and others protivovirusnyh preparations. And even 500 thousand pieces of masks.

However, while according to Office of Public Prosecutor a picture a bit different. Only in the Western district of Krasnodar pravoohraniteli have not found protivovirusnye means in three drugstores. In one of them the established surcharges have been overestimated.

For example, in Krasnodar “to the Drugstore 36,6” that in the street October, were absent “ Arbidol “ and “ Remantadin “ which enter into the minimum assortment of medical products. Also excess of the size of the admissible retail extra charge - to 27 % is revealed. In “ Growth “ in the street Red is not present “ Remantadina “ and protective gauze bandages, and in “ to the Specialized drugstore Ή 1 “ On October was not “ Arbidola “ masks.

- To heads of drugstores based on the results of testing representations about elimination of infringements are brought, - have explained in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Western district of Krasnodar. - in a month we again will check up them. If someone has not found out in medical institutions of the necessary medicines - complain in Office of Public Prosecutor.

Unfortunately, penalties are put only in case of overestimate of the prices. By the way, if the prices for medicines in drugstores are overestimated, the management can “get“ on 40 - 50 thousand roubles. “The unfair“ enterprise can even close for three months. And for absence of medicines to infringers only will threaten with a finger and will involve in a disciplinary responsibility.


the Telephone hotline of Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar territory:

8(861) 262 - 98 - 02