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Putin has bawled out to officials and firemen

In the beginning Vladimir Putin pochtil memory of victims at a fire and has assigned a bouquet of scarlet roses to built at club the Lame horse to the improvised memorial. There many colours already lay and candles burnt. In spite of the fact that was two o`clock in the morning, the prime minister has spent here, in Perm, an emergency meeting on rendering assistance by the victim.


Putin has informed that families of victims at a fire will receive on 500 - 400 thousand rbl. from the government and on 100 thousand from the Perm edge. Victims - on 400 - 300 thousand from the government and on 100 thousand from region.

- Money solves not all. Much, but not all. In this case everything is exact not, - the prime minister has declared. - it is necessary to make all to get up, support people at treatment. But it is necessary to help them and in the subsequent life, their work capacity after such heavy mutilations and burns will be problematic. It will be necessary to help informally.

the Prime minister has thanked for professionalism of rescuers and employees of emergency services, and then has passed to a rating.

NO, HAVE all the same got...

Has got to all: both to owners of club, and the governor, and firemen.

- Representatives of business in this case have broken everything that only it is possible to break. I do not understand, how it was possible to use indoors pyrotechnics, - Putin has weighed a box with fireworks in hands, - on which directly on - russki is written: in premises it is forbidden to use . No, have all the same got... With use of the forbidden pyrotechnic means!

But Putin has paid attention and to work of firemen. In spite of the fact that still one year ago fire inspection has ordered to a management the Lame horse to eliminate infringements of fire security, anybody did not supervise execution.

- Such relation to business it is possible to qualify a minimum as a negligence! - Putin has declared. - it is possible, there were also other motives of inactivity of state employees...

And to local authorities from Putin that hospitals were not ready to state of emergency has got.

- I do not want to do early conclusions, but I want to note: the governor of the Perm edge is considered perspective, modern. But at the same time objects of public health services are in a deplorable state, necessary means which should be there, were not, - Putin has noted.

From - for impossibility to render a quick help from Perm in hospitals of other cities 100 victims have been urgently transported almost.

the Prime minister has informed on planned changes in Administrative and Criminal codes. Responsibility of business will be toughened. However, Putin has informed that it hardly will solve all problems.


In Perm Vladimir Putin has complained: Any vicious circle turns out. You give more than the rights to the supervising organisations - corruption grows. And you start to reduce loadings on business - sloppiness and " begins; optimisation of expenses first of all on security . Our question:

As to us to get out of this vicious circle?

Paul MEDVEDEV, the committee-man of the State Duma on the financial market:

- While of corruption we will not get out, and we will run on this vicious circle.

Oleg MITVOL, the prefect of Northern administrative district of Moscow:

- it is visible, at last to start to ask rigidly from officials for laxity. In this case Perm the inspector should be not only are dismissed, but also are involved in a criminal liability.

Gay gift DZHEMAL, the chairman of Islamic committee of Russia:

- First of all to strike blow to officials. It at us became a political class, and it is simply inadmissible. While the political power is concentrated in bureaucracy hands, corruption will be ineradicable.

Peter PRUSOV, the president of Association of automobile engineers of Russia, the founder Fields :

is a long educational work. Accurately formulated, clear requirements to business and infrequent checks are necessary. And if infringements of game rules emerge, conclusions should be drawn.

Alexander PROKHANOV, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Tomorrow :

- it is impossible to Get out, because this circle - a part of set of other vicious circles of which the today`s deadlock society consists. It is necessary to start conceptual upgrade of all country.

Michael VINOGRADOV, the psychiatrist - the criminalist:

- And with that, and our mentality on the other hand is guilty. Since imperial times have got used to bribes and we hope at random. As Gogol spoke, we sit in a coach box, yes is sent on errands dashing.

Andrey KIVINOV, the writer, the author of the scenario Streets of the broken lanterns :

- I Am afraid that from this vicious circle will escape extremely difficultly. Both corruption, and our sloppiness have arisen not today and at all yesterday, and years etak five hundred back. And to defeat them in the foreseeable future to us it will not be possible.

Yury FEDJASHOV, the president of the Baltic business club, Kaliningrad:

- to Create for all identical conditions, to establish extremely accurate and clear rules of interaction with any supervising bodies. It is important, that was not the - strangers and double expounding.

Yury SHADRIN, the chairman of the union of businessmen BUT, Severomorsk:

- Force in public organisations which need to be created in enterprise community. Business cannot be smothered, let it will be a little bit lax, but socially responsible. In Turkey Ataturk has given full will to enterprise community, and has tritely put upwards. About 50 years ago people went by burros, and now - on abrupt wheelbarrows.

Elena, the reader, Moscow:

- Where landings? The belief in struggle against bribes without landings is dead.