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« Tarzan » has opened secrets of the body

Stars of sports, a policy and shows - business publish often the books devoted to fitness and a healthy food. With the products already pleased public   actor Alexander Nevsky, the Olympic champion, the politician and the deputy of the State Duma Svetlana Horkina, and also TV presenters Julia Bordovsky and Vladimir Solovev. Boxer Kostja Dzju was lighted in this field even - it has let out DVD - a disk to which can be guided, being engaged in fitness by all family.

to Share the secrets of beauty also Sergey Glushko - striptizer, the actor and sex - a symbol of millions women, at last, has dared. Tarzan many years is engaged   in one of the Moscow sport clubs and thanks to regular trainings supports itself in the smart form. Its new book - a body Cult - here - here will appear in shops.

is a book - not the grant on bodybuilding and not the textbook about a healthy food, - Sergey Glushko speaks. Is The friendly oracle based on my life experience, own reflexions and supervision.

in the book Sergey explains how to organise training, to increase muscular weight or, on the contrary, to dump excess weight, how to pick up an optimum diet and... To become successful at women.

- I sincerely hope,   - it is convinced Tarzan - that fluent perusal of the book will find the response at you in a shower and instead of rolling on a sofa in obnimku with own laziness, you include a head and seriously will reflect about health.

within the next few days we will publish fragments from the book a body Cult and interview to its author. And about what you would like to ask most Tarzan ? Ask your questions in responses!