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Day of the tinman in Saratov: from - for 20 failures on networks of a water canal motorists risk to get to road accident

Today, on December, 8th, in the evening Saratov can wait the present transport collapse. From - for sharp temperature drops our distressful pipes have not sustained again and have begun to flow. Water streams since the morning strongly complicated movement on many highways of a city.

" Address; street of Tankmen, 68 became the first where workers of emergency service of the Water canal have urgently left. Efficiency to office not to occupy. Complaints from local residents were distributed in 9 mornings, but to patch holes only became closer by noon. In this time normally to drive on a brisk line it became impossible - water froze for few minutes. Even owners of a car with shipovannoj rubber could feel participants of the project the Glacial age .

Complaints from local residents were distributed in 9 mornings, but to patch holes only became closer by noon.
a photo: Elena MULLANUROVA

- I by miracle have not had an accident! Hardly aside has moved and has sharply run away. vlupilsja in rushing Bumer - still half a year would work on car repair, - being stirred, the driver of the six Alexander who has phoned in " speaks; align=justify> In traffic police of a city of Saratov of emotions too do not hide. Since the morning employees of department fix Water canal impulses. Thus kommunalshchikov does not worry at all that as a result of them harmonious actions Tonight the city, becomes more likely similar to a stadium skating rink the Dynamo .

- the Winter for kommunalshchikov, as always, has come unexpectedly. Despite our numerous preventions, Saratovvodokanal continues to eliminate impulses on pipes rather original method. Instead of pumping out water in tanks, they simply merge it on proezzhuju a part. And only then liquidate a leak in pipes. - is indignant in conversation with the correspondent the deputy chief of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Saratov Yury Nosov. - complaints from motorists arrive today since the morning. From - for minus temperatures on roads potholes are formed naledi. Inspectors of traffic police are urged to be on duty on crossroads, until then while dangerous sites at least not zasypjat sand. But by data on 16:30 today in an operative report already 22 addresses on which water very quietly flows on proezzhuju a part. And only to three addresses employees the Water canal Had time to eliminate a leak.

Thus, by rules to eliminate failure consequences - that is not simply to hammer chopik into the decayed pipe - and to smooth out snow porridge to drive a grader for removal naledi or at least to sand a dangerous site - should kommunalshchiki. But the contractor the Water canal ostensibly, to be at once simultaneously on 20 objects cannot. Therefore together with city traffic police asks motorists and tomorrow morning, whenever possible, to choose a safe route of movement.

the list of addresses:

- Sokolovaja, 172 (between Cathedral and Nekrasov)

- Maxim Gorkogo, 124

- Michurin, 231

- the Notch, 2

- Ippodromnaja, 3 (a corner of Shehurdina)

- 1 - I Chemist`s, 22

- the Sokursky path - the wholesale market

- Big Garden, 79

- New Astrakhan, 45/ 53

- 2 - I Nagornaja;

- Syzransky, 32 (between 1 and 2 park fares)

- Tankmen, 68

- Navashina, 8

- New Uzensky/ Serova;

- Shelkovichnaja/ the Ilinsky area

- Tankmen, 87

- Slonova, 72

- Sokolovaja/ Bitter

- New Astrakhan, 8

- Ogorodnjaja, 209