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In Kazan from - for debts of officials of children - invalids expel on street

the Rehabilitation centre « April » 10 years work in Kazan. In this time through it has passed hundreds children - invalids not only from Kazan, but from all corners of republic. When it became known that the centre expel from a premise, mums of needing children have sounded the alarm. « has found out the reasons of eviction of the unique centre where there take place social adaptation special children.

some mums, whose children were converted Into newspaper edition on mnogu years at once go in « April ». One of them Natalia Mustafin. Since the birth her daughter Diana needed special leaving and attention. At child DTSP, sight and speech infringement. Natalia, admits that they with a daughter to much are obliged to the centre. Here to Diana that is called, have picked up a key.

Mums of special children are afraid to lose support of the centre in social adaptation of their children
the Photo: Rimma OSIPOV


- How to do exercises it is possible to find in books on the Internet, here she has learnt to communicate with children. Here we have understood that at it safe intelligence and that the most important this year we have passed the commission and in us have allowed to be trained under the general educational program, in the beginning I even could not think that my child can go to school, let and on nadomnom training. To understand each other with Diana we too studied here, - Natalia tells.

Though they with a daughter already have much reached, the centre is necessary to them and now. After all such children as Diana need constant supervision of experts. But now they can lose this support. In such position, as Natalia, hundreds mums. For their children « April » is a unique hope of rehabilitation of sick children.

to the Director of the centre the frightening paper one of these days has come. The decision of arbitration court on eviction.

- In our property of 200 square metres, but I initially said that the centre on such areas cannot exist, - has told «» the director of the centre « April Natalia Trifonova. – Then to us have given 600 more square metres, but in 90 – h this part have bought and, can, waited that will pass time and they will take away it from us. We a premise rented all this time, though there were attempts to make to its ours, but it has turned out nothing.

It and is not surprising - « April » there are in the street Revolts.

- soon here there will be an underground and a premise, for certain, will grow in the price, - employees of the centre speak.

Almost half a year for a rented premise from the Ministry sotszashchity did not arrive payments
the Photo: Rimma OSIPOV


In the beginning of summer the conflict has reached the peak. Almost half a year for a rented premise did not arrive payments. Proprietors have unilaterally terminated the contract with « April » also have brought an action. The first hearing was in the June, the second in September. By the autumn the ministry sotszashchity was paid by all debts, but was already late. In the beginning of October the centre can move, here only where it is not clear yet.

As have told in the centre, one of decisions of this problem, resettlement. There is a variant to unite « April » with the rehabilitation centre in the street Zorge, but parents categorically against it. The main argument, is remoteness new   places. After all much should reach Hills with sick children till some hours. And teachers, most likely, will rise before a choice. After all so has developed, they live near with work and trips on Zorge will be very inconvenient.

In the beginning of October the centre can move, here only where the Photo is not clear yet
: Rimma OSIPOV


Now mums of children who can lose the centre and hope of recover of children, are going to leave for meeting that their problem did not remain without attention of the public and the authorities.

- We demand premise allocation in for the centre and not on vyselkah, and in this area, - one of mums Irina speaks. - we have got used, it is convenient to us to reach here. We have offered such slogan – to each area the rehabilitation centre.

Besides parents have carried letters on all instances of Kazan   and in the government of Tatarstan. If also it does not help to save « April » they are ready to be converted to the president of the country.