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In Khabarovsk works on reconstruction of the bottom pond

Specially for work to Khabarovsk from Moscow proceed there have arrived experts of the company conducting in Russia specialising on fountains – « Borond ». They have designed and now establish in Khabarovsk a unique gushing complex, analogues to which are not present anywhere in the country.  

- Our complex is developed individually for your city and taking into account concrete conditions of the given pond. In a ready kind it will represent the cascade of fountains which thanks to exclusive robots - to hydromonitors will change configurations, to shake the big weight of water in air. These fountains will not be static, they as if will live. The stream height will reach approximately 28 metres. Will accompany fountain work specially developed hour svetomuzykalnoe show. The technology with which help in show all colour scale will be presented is thus specially used unique, developed by experts of our company, including even white colour, - has told « the chief engineer of the company « Borond » Dmitry Dolgopolov.