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The murderer of the Novosibirsk militiaman should pay to the brother of a victim of 3 million roubles

on September, 15th in Novosibirsk regional court disclosed a sentence to Paul Lysenko. 30 - the summer recidivist was accused at once under six articles of the criminal code. Besides, in « luggage » urkagana already there were previous convictions for which he has not had time to stay.

we Will remind that from the end of last year Lysenko has been arrested, and on January, 24th two operov have brought the prisoner to it home. One of officers remained about an entrance, the second has risen with the person on remand to that in apartment, has unbuttoned handcuffs.

the Skilled criminal has not become puzzled: has seized the sawn-off shotgun prepared the house and has twice shot in an opera. The death 32 - the summer militiaman was instant. After that Lysenko has taken away a pistol from a victim and began to search for an exit.

  - It has gone down on the second floor and began to call in apartment of the local resident – wanted to disappear, having jumped out from its balcony, - has told « The state accuser Felix Kuznetsov. – the woman has not let in. Then Lysenko was in apartment a floor above: to it the man, and the recidivist has opened, threatening with the weapon, has rushed inside. Has demanded not to react to any calls.

Soon at an entrance was not less dozens of militiamen. But to catch hidden recidivist it was not possible: it has waited in the closed apartment till the late evening, and later hours five … easy left an entrance. However, the militia has soon found the fugitive. Took in its already next morning and again have returned in the chamber.

the Recidivist have accused at once under six articles of the criminal code: illegal storage of the weapon, weapon plunder, runaway from - under guards, an encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer, infringement of inviolability of dwelling, illegal imprisonment …

the State accuser suggested court to sentence Lysenko to 25 years of imprisonment. The lawyer considered that the encroachment on life of the militiaman needs to be retrained on death causing on imprudence, and under other articles to justify the client.

the Judge has made decision to sentence the prisoner to 24 years of imprisonment. And to the brother of victim Lysenko should pay indemnification – 3 million roubles.

Details and the video reporting from a court hall - on our site in the near future.  

sentence Announcement has occupied almost two hours
the Photo: Vadims ALEXEYS
Paul Lysenko was sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment
by Photos: Vadims ALEXEYS
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