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In Petersburg the officials, regretted to the seriously ill child of a medicine, nevertheless have forced to pay

we Will remind, in Petersburg Veselov`s Love desperately struggles for life of the twelve years son. At Jury rare genetic illness   - mukopolisaharidoz the second type.   the preparation " is necessary to it; Elapraza . Annual treatment manages in thirty millions roubles. At the woman of such money is not present. She was converted behind the help to the state. But has received weighty and discouraging otlup from officials.

- the Committee on public health services of the Government of St.-Petersburg has refused to mother of the child free granting Elaprazy from - that a preparation very expensive, and the budget of St.-Petersburg has no possibility of allocation of necessary money resources for its purchase, - the city Office of Public Prosecutor informed. -   it is established that the preparation is recommended the boy under vital indications. Its illness has progressing character, and without necessary treatment the forecast for life of the child the adverse.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has sent the claim to committee on public health services in   October district court. A reference essence - to disaccustom officials to avarice and to oblige them to treat the boy Elaprazoj free of charge (is more detailed here).

Courts go, but which - what motions are. As informs the device of the representative by the rights of the child in Petersburg, session city   has taken place; the commissions on rendering of the emergency social help.

- the vital decision Is accepted: to Render Veselovoj L. P`s emergency social help on medical product acquisition Elapraza for treatment of the son, Veselov JU, with 03. 10. 2011 on 01. 01. 2012, - have explained in the device. - to the boy have allocated seven millions four hundred ten thousand roubles.   money will give stage by stage, the sum can be increased.

the Problem that the uniform scheme of financing of treatment of serious illnesses in Russia is not present. The federal centre considers that it is a zone   responsibility of subjects. Regions do not agree.