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On September, 22nd - day without the car

is confirmed by the Ministry   the plan of measures on carrying out of Day without the car. Encouragement of the workers who have arrived for work on September, 22nd on public transport or a bicycle is provided, writes BelTA.

the housing and communal services Ministry recommends to consider the problem the equipment of places of parking of bicycles, and also to clear domestic territories and streets from « autostuff ».

the Action is directed on drawing attention of the population to the environmental problem decision on decrease in level of pollution of atmospheric air by the fulfilled gases of cars and improvement of conditions of residing.

In scales of the country the transport share in total emissions of polluting substances in atmosphere reaches 72 % (in cities from 65 % to 80 %). On the average for a day in republic in atmosphere it is thrown out with the fulfilled gases about 3,5 thousand t polluting substances. Their structure includes such toxic components, as okis carbon, okis nitrogen, hydrocarbons, oxides of brimstone, connection of heavy metals and other substances which cause a certain damage to wildlife.

Experience of the European countries in struggle against this problem has shown what to solve it without public attraction it is almost impossible. Therefore almost worldwide it is spent similar