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27 became the most sexual actor of Great Britain Orlando - summer Orlando Blum is recognised by the most sexual actor of Great Britain. It has overtaken on popularity of such venerable handsome men, as Dzhud Law, Hugh Grant and Evan MakGregor. TV channel Sky Movies poll has shown that British prefer already adult actors, instead of young handsome men, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. On the second place in the list of the most sexual actors it has appeared 45 - summer Sean Bin who has acted in a film together with Blumom Troy . Career of Bluma has gone vertically upwards after he has been invited to a role of Legolasa at cinema - the trilogy the Lord of rings Peter Jackson. After that Blum has acted in film in other blockbuster - Pirates of Caribbean sea together with Dzhoni Depp and, at last, in a film Troy together with Brad Pitom. Recently magazine People has included Bluma in the list 50 most beautiful people of a planet . The actor admits that it do not interest neither money, nor glory. to me to spit on money. To tell the truth, if under the scenario I have to kiss much I can and to pay - has declared recently loveful Blum. The third place in the list of the most sexual actors was occupied with Hugh Grant. On the fourth place there was Evan MakGregor, on the fifth - Dzhud Law, and on the sixth - the new Batman - Christian Bejl. Usually at top such here the hit - parades is occupied with actors of type Dzhuda Law, or Evana MakGregora, but, probably, the star of Bluma starts to ascend. On its bill already some large films and it definitely is pleasant to spectators - the representative of TV channel Sky Movies interviewing has declared. Spectators of TV channel Sky Movies have considered that the person who has tempted Elena Trojansky, is quite worthy ranks of the most sexual man. NEWSru. com