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The world waits an epoch of flooding: every year glaciers thaw all faster

the World the epoch of flooding waits - the risk every year increases to get under elements blow. Under the United Nations forecast, the next decades from - for global warming and more and more accelerated lifting of level of the World ocean in the world the number of people to which flooding will threaten considerably will increase. Nowadays nearby 1 mlrd the person live in areas to which flooding constantly threaten. By 2050 their number will grow to 2 billion especially vulnerable there will be small islands and the countries which part of territory lies below sea-level - for example, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. From 1971 for 1995 of flooding threatened life and property 1,5 mlrd the person. From flooding was lost 318 thousand persons, about 80 million have lost the houses and property. The number of destructive flooding increases everyone decades. In 1950 - e years it has been fixed six similar acts of nature, in 1960 - e years - seven, in 1970 - e - eight, in 1980 - e - 18, in 1990 - e - 26, informs Washington ProFile. NEWSru. com