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Ariel Sharon will be not not made answerable on the case of bribes

the Public prosecutor of Israel by Menahem Mazuz on Tuesday the prime minister - to the minister of the country Ariel Sharon has declared that it will not be involved on the case of bribery. On it informs Reuters referring to 10 channel of the Israeli television. The public prosecutor has told to the prime minister that its department has no necessary proofs to bring charges. Business and Ariel Sharon`s bribes and his son Gilada is closed. Sharon, responding the public prosecutor, it was short: Thanks . Sharon was suspected of reception in the end of 1990 - h years of a large bribe on to business about the Greek island . According to business materials, the Israeli businessman David Appel in 1998 has paid to Sharon Giladu`s son of 700 thousand dollars for that his father then the Minister for Foreign Affairs, has convinced the authorities of Greece to countenance building of the tourist centre on one of its islands. The question on a presentation of official charge to Sharon was considered by the special public prosecutor`s commission which members have come to a conclusion about insufficiency of proofs against the head of the government, newspaper Haaretz specifies. NEWSru. com