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From - for strikes of rescuers in Israel 5 persons

Five persons have already sunk have sunk in the morning on June, 15th during bathing at three beaches. Three young men (at the age of 20 - 22 years) have sunk at ashkelonskogo a beach of Dlila, to Bath - to the Hole, opposite to a beach of Sela has sunk 60 - the summer townsman. One more elderly person has sunk in the Dead Sea. In first two cases bathing was spent on beaches on which there were no rescuers because of the strike declared by them. On the Dead Sea as the representative of association of sea rescuers has declared, the saving point is not provided on a broader scale. Reacting to messages on tragedies on the beaches, accompanied by charges to rescuers, the head of association of sea rescuers Abijah Avija has declared: We are converted to Minister of Internal Affairs Porazu: it is a question of human lives. It is necessary to begin negotiations and to conduct them until the problem which has become by the reason of strike, will not be settled . The instruction of the Minister of Internal Affairs on reduction of number of rescuers on beaches from three to two became the reason of the strike declared by rescuers, informs news agency the Cursor . Later the minister has reconsidered the initial decision, having reduced change to two rescuers on beaches where the life-saving service has at the order high-speed plavsredstva (motor-boats). However, the association of the rescuers which have been not satisfied with such compromise, has made the decision on strike continuation. NEWSru. com