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Germans are insured against cloudy weather

In Berlin, as well as Moscow, with some delay the summer, and together with peak of demand for the seasonal goods like bathing suits and dark glasses has begun, new marketing initiatives were born also. After car refuelling by the gasoline which has risen in price to a limit of money for the seasonal goods at German consumers remains ever less, marks DW - World. However the enterprising saleswoman to Anna Flezer manages to extend without effort money from hard-fisted Germans: she has offered them the interesting insurance. In a show-window of the shop it has exposed the poster on which the couple in bathing suits and dark glasses sits on a beach under a torrential rain. The inscription says: there will be no sun - money will be returned! The offered scheme looks so. Bought from Anna Flezer till the end of June sun glasses are received free of charge in addition by the insurance policy. It is the insurance on a case of cloudy weather in the current summer. If from the beginning of June and till the end of September in Berlin will be less than 500 sundial buyers can get a refund, and points to leave to itself next summer. Two rainy summers successively - it is very improbable, so all without a deceit, and buyers in delight. Trademark glasses nedeshevy, and, of course, nobody wants to spend in vain 200 euros for Prado or Versace. Actually, the risk and mistresses of shop, and its insurance company is minimum. After all the probability of that in Berlin the sun will shine in the summer less than five hundred hours for four months, practically is absent. For last fifty with superfluous years such here were not. For all this time of supervision posmurnym the summer of 1987 - 629 hours, in 1980 - 648 was most. And on the average - 753 hours from June till September inclusive. NEWSru. com