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The quantity of millionaires in the USA grows

Quantity of millionaires in the USA again grows after recession in stock market which has undermined 4 years ago welfare of many Americans. As informs Interfax research Merrill Lynch has shown that now one of 125 Americans can brag of a status about a minimum in six zero. So, the number of millionaires has increased in the USA in last year on 14 %, and in the USA and Canada has together exceeded total of millionaires in the countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Near East. The quantity of citizens of the USA, which status makes at least 1 million dollars, has grown in 2003 to 2,27 million from 2 million persons in 2002. As marks The Wall Street Journal, a rise in prices in stock market of the USA, and also decrease in the taxes, favourable to rich businessmen, became strong base for restoration of quantity of men of means in the USA. The conducted researches have shown also that in the USA and Canada the number of very rich persons, which investment capital exceeds 30 million dollars, has reached 30 thousand persons. NEWSru. com