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US authorities have justified the soldier who has shot operator Reuters

Military US authorities have justified the soldier who has shot in August of last year in suburb of Bagdad the operator of Reuters agency Mazena to Dan. According to the statement extended by army of the USA, the military man which name is not called, has accepted a television camera for a grenade cup discharge and has opened fire on defeat as was afraid itself to get under bombardment. In the report the regret apropos " is expressed; tragical and regrettable incident, but actions of the soldier are characterised, as reasonably proved informs ITAR - TASS. According to the international organisations, in Iraq last year were lost one and a half ten journalists. Guilty of their death of responsibility have not incurred. And literally one of these days there was a next tragical incident: on March, 18th on a post of army of the USA in the centre of Bagdad under bombardment the film crew of broadcasting company Al - Arabia has got. The correspondent, the operator and their accompanying have been killed. The Arabian reporters have made the protest about it to US State Secretary Kolin Powell coming to Bagdad on a visit and meeting the press, but apologies from it have not heard. Later with the requirement to find and punish journalists guilty of death the general director of UNESCO Koitiro Matsuura has acted. NEWSru. com