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Antonio Banderas is going to shoot a film in Spain

Banderas very much itself is proud. The Spanish actor representing school Pedro Almadovara, has started to work in the USA in 1992 and till now speaks on - anglijski with almost comical accent. He has acted in film in such films, as Philadelphia Desperate Evita Zorro Children of spies . Has passed 12 years, and now him invite to shootings not from - for its appearance of Spanish serdtseeda: directors want, that its voice one of heroes of a successful and most popular series of cartoon films " spoke; SHrek . By words Antonio Banderas, on the offer to sound the Cat in boots it at once has agreed, though knew the character only on pictures. After long discussions founders of a cartoon film have decided that the hero should speak very impudent voice which is not corresponding to its appearance. Banderas was not limited only to duplication, but also has taken the most active part in process of creation of a film. The first message that the film has been met with enthusiasm, has come from Cannes, from the extremely politized festival on which there were all European intellectuals. The answer from kinoprokatchikov has then come. It is visible that something is required to people to distract from the bad messages arriving every day. Look SHrek also you will come back home with a wide smile - the actor in interview to newspaper La stampa (transfer into site Inopressa has told. ru). Banderas openly admires the American director Michael Moore. to shoot such film, as Farenheit 9/ 11 it is necessary to have the big courage. I was against war still before it has begun, and I continue to be against. War has appeared accident, and I consider that America is worthy the best - he has declared. Couple of years back the actor has decided that works too much and it is necessary to make a break, however, having read the scenario Pancho the Country house it has not resisted. The turn " has then come; Nine . 228 representations, I have not passed any vesper or morning performance. It is very useful experience. Within seven months I played a role in nonnative language, have sung 14 songs, and it has generated at me feeling of confidence. I have dared to become a part of a theatrical society of the Broadway - Banderas has told. Now to it 43 years, and he always considered that the best period for the actor - men - 40 - 50 years. you are still young, but at the same time you have already saved up a wide experience. the actor is going to return for the Broadway where statement of one more " is planned; Zorro . And in the end of 2006 Banderas wants to go to Spain to shoot a film. Picture action will occur in Malaga during this period when to me was 15 - 16 years. I was in the beginning of the career, and the era Ex approached end. I was not in the homeland many years, but the distance forces me to feel communication with my country and my people much stronger than when I left, and I with impatience wait for returning - he has told. NEWSru. com