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Hearing of business in the relation of the director of a museum of a name of Saharova will proceed on June, 16th

Tagansky court of Moscow will continue on June, 16th hearing of criminal case concerning the director of a museum and the public centre of a name of A.Saharova Yury Samodurova, its employee Lyudmila Vasilovsky and the artist of Anna Mihalchuk, accused of religious hostility kindling. As reports Interfax at following session the court will take out the decision in connection with the statement accused about incomprehensibility of an essence of charge . Whom and to whom this exhibition has raised hatred and enmity, I cannot understand. And why from 42 participants of an exposition only a three accuse that they participated in exhibition creation - J.Samodurov has told during session. Lawyer J.Samodurova Yury Schmidt also was converted to court with the statement in which speaks about impossibility of the shown charges. According to UK the criminality and punishability of act are defined by the law operating during its fulfilment. J.Samodurova`s incriminated acts have been made in January, 2003, and in December of the same year the law which has made changes to corresponding article " has been passed; - the lawyer has underlined. As he said, in article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation to words enmity excitation the word " has been added; hatred . Besides, according to J.Schmidt, from the bill of particulars it is not clear, in the relation of what group on the basis of the relation to a nationality incriminated acts " are made;. Including have supported lawyer J.Schmidt and defenders of others accused which, as they said, the charge essence also was not clear. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central district of Moscow has filed criminal charges concerning a museum management under article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - excitation national, racial or religious hostility . As the basis for investigation the exhibition maintenance " has served; Carefully: religion! exhibited at a museum from January, 14 till January, 18th, 2003. Among exhibits, in particular, there was an icon of the Savior against advertising Coca - Cola with an inscription This is my blood . Also the figure sacred with the cut out choir where each interested person could substitute a head has been presented. The consequence has come to a conclusion that an exhibition orientation consisted in public expression in evident - the demonstration form of the humiliating and offensive relation to Christian religion as a whole, and to orthodox Christianity and Russian Orthodox Church in particular, and also to religious symbols of orthodox believers it is marked in the bill of particulars. Meanwhile J.Samodurov denies the fault. I am convinced that in an exposition there were no the works directed on humiliation of someone`s belief or confession - he has noted. presence tabuirovannyh to those leads to that modern actual art loses meaning. The exhibition was simply an occasion to talk about the different parties of religion - the director of a museum has explained. With this opinion representatives of the orthodox public do not agree. arguments " are surprising; legal experts trying to translate especially criminal question in a policy and ideology plane - it is told in the statement of the Union of the orthodox citizens, passed in Interfax . According to authors of the document, in this case legal experts actually oppose a lawful state, and exhibits roughly offend feelings not only millions orthodox citizens of Russia, but also judges of the true art, all sane people as pohabshchina and defiling of relics is an abuse on the God-given creative beginning in the person . As it was already informed, the vice-president of Department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy protopope Vsevolod Chaplin has declared today on air of radio station Echo Moscow that the Russian Orthodox Church expects from court on the case of an exhibition Carefully, religion! a due legal estimation to the reviling of religious feelings and conflict provocation . NEWSru. com